Innisfree recently tweeted a new advertisement featuring Yoona for one of its moisturizing creams. Anyone who retweeted the ad had a chance to win the cream for free. Innisfree is promoting the product as something to help the skin relax during stressful times.

The company also released an app for fans to download. The program lets SONEs film an ad with Yoona using one of three scenarios; Yoona either plays an audition interviewer, a photographer, or a dancer. A short segment automatically added to the end of the fanmade CF features Innisfree’s “FOREST For Men” product. The app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store and the Android Market.

Innisfree uploaded some example videos created with the app onto its YouTube channel. To see what SONEs have come up with, check out the clips below.



Sources: [email protected], [email protected], iTunes, Google Play
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