Hello and welcome back to another edition of “The Best of the Best”, a monthly look into the very best of anything to do with Girls’ Generation. As decided by your votes, this month’s edition will highlight my favorite collaborations between Girls’ Generation and other artists for songs and performances. From idols such as Wonder Girls to senior vocalists such as Kim Bumsoo, Girls’ Generation has worked with dozens of artists since even before their debut, making this countdown especially difficult. However, after many late nights with coffee, tea, and YouTube, I came up with my top five that I’m sure none of you will agree with! As always, I’ve included a video of the performance or song I selected, my reasons why, and a poll at the end of the column for you to help determine what I’ll worry about for next month’s edition. Finally, please be sure to let me know what would have been in your own top five, and here we go with this month’s countdown!

5. 소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation) – Girls’ Generation and Lee Seungchul

The title track of Girls’ Generation’s first full-length album, “소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation)” was originally released by Lee Seungchul in 1989, before three of the members of Girls’ Generation were even born. Eighteen years later, Girls’ Generation joined Lee Seungchul on stage several times for special performances of the song that gave the group its name. In the performance below, Lee Seungchul began the special stage with his original version of “소녀시대“, accompanied by a full band and a chorus.  A renowned vocalist, Lee Seungchul showed off his talented voice and stage presence before giving way to Girls’ Generation, who came on stage to deliver their reinvented version of the track with Lee Seungchul on guitar and singing along. This collaboration combines legendary artists from two generations singing two different versions of the same song and wins fifth place on this month’s “The Best of the Best”.

4. The Sound of Hallyu – Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, The Grace, Super Junior, SHINee, f(x), and EXO

Though Girls’ Generation has performed on stage many times with other members and groups of SMTOWN, one of their very best collaborations with their labelmates took place during 2011’s SBS Gayo Daejun, when nearly every group currently under SM Entertainment came together for one epic performance. Affectionately known as the SM Orchestra, the large group was made up of members from Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, The Grace, Super Junior, SHINee, f(x), and EXO, who had yet to debut. Girls’ Generation’s part in the performance began with Seohyun, who showed off her piano talents in a song with Super Junior–M’s Henry, Super Junior’s Sungmin , Siwon, Ryeowook, TRAX’s Jungmo, and CSJH’s Sunday. After a lengthy showcase of the lead dancers from Super Junior, SHINee, f(x), and EXO, Girls’ Generation next appeared for a cover of Shinhwa’s “T.O.P.”, which they also covered in 2008. The song began with Tiffany playing an introduction with the flute, followed by the choreography and singing from Jessica, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Sooyoung. Taeyeon then performed a screaming, screeching, and mind-blowing duet of her “Devil’s Cry” with TVXQ’s Changmin, accompanied by Jungmo enthusiastically playing on the guitar. Finally, the members of Girls’ Generation appeared one last time at the end of the performance for a grand finale with all of the artists, led by bros for life, TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin. This stunning collaboration between Girls’ Generation and some of the most talented idols and closest friends in K-Pop takes the fourth spot on my list.

3. 냉면 (Cold Noodles) – Jessica and Park Myungsoo

In July of 2009, Jessica appeared on two episodes of “Infinite Challenge” to help Park Myungsoo record a song for a competition with the other members of the long-running variety show. This song was “냉면 (Cold Noodles)”, a silly, fun, and catchy track that was perfect for the summer season. Produced by E-Tribe, the team behind Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” and many other hit tracks, “냉면” failed to win on “Infinite Challenge” but became incredibly popular outside the show. The song was played on radio, and Jessica and Park Myungsoo eventually performed “냉면” on “Show! Music Core” and at the 2009 MBC Entertainment Awards. Park Myungsoo, an accomplished singer in his own right, made every performance funny and enjoyable, combining his deep voice and bumbling dance with Jessica’s higher pitched and clear vocals. “냉면” was even adapted for all the members of Girls’ Generation and was performed during their “Into The New World” concert tour and second concert tour through Asia. With its very funny, cute performances and catchy tune, “냉면” wins third place on this month’s “Best of the Best”. FIYAH!

2. 별처럼 (Like a Star) – Taeyeon and The One

Taeyeon’s mentor and vocal teacher during her trainee days, The One is yet another veteran artist to have collaborated with Girls’ Generation. In 2004, before Taeyeon had even debuted as a member of Girls’ Generation, he released “You Bring Me Joy”, a duet which featured Taeyeon when she was only fifteen years old. Six years later, Taeyeon, now the leader and main vocalist of one of Korea’s largest idol groups, sang a duet with The One once more, working with him for “별처럼 (Like a Star)”, a touching and emotional ballad. The song begins with Taeyeon’s smooth and gorgeous voice before transitioning to The One’s, very deep and powerful, with the two singing about a loved one who shines brightly like a star in the sky. The two then blend their voices together at the end of the song for a beautiful conclusion, singing that they hope to love in a world without sadness. A stunning duet between an amazing teacher and his amazing student, “별처럼” wins the second spot on my list of the best collaborations by Girls’ Generation.

1. 핑계(Excuse), 스피드 (Speed), and 잘못된 만남 (Wrongful Meeting) – Girls’ Generation and Kim Gunmo

In 2009, KBS’s Gayo Daechukje saw the members of Girls’ Generation work for the second time (the first being a performance of “사랑해 (I Love You)” at the 2008 Mnet 20’s Choice) with Kim Gunmo, an incredibly successful artist who released his first album in 1992 and whose albums have since sold several million copies in Korea. In a special stage called “Legend & Idol”, Girls’ Generation performed with this record-holding artist for three very fun songs sure to make any fan smile. The collaboration began with a performance of “Kiss” by Kim Gunmo. He was then joined on stage by Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Yuri, and Seohyun for “핑계(Excuse)”, which had an adorable choreography and allowed the five members show their skills in harmonizing. Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, and Yoona then came on stage for “스피드 (Speed)”, with all four members singing along. After a light show introduction, Kim Gunmo and Girls’ Generation returned for the highlight of the performance, “잘못된 만남 (Wrongful Meeting)”, in which all of the members could be seen enjoying themselves and having a great time as they performed the song’s choreography, while just barely holding in their laughter. This hilarious and enjoyable special stage never fails to make me laugh and wins first place as my very favorite Girls’ Generation collaboration.

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