Girls’ Generation has just released a dance version music video for their Japanese version of “Oh!”. Unlike the music video which features many close-ups of the girls, the dance version shows the unique choreography for “Oh!” and emphasizes the girls’ perfect synchronisation. The background scene of the video alternates between a locker room and a sports stadium, and the girls are in different outfits in each scene.

You can download the dance version for the Japanese Version of “Oh!” from Soshified’s Video Downloads Section, or watch it below.

Additionally, SM Entertainment has also released a teaser for the “Girls’ Generation Complete Video Collection”, which will be available in both Blu-Ray and DVD.

The double A-side single will be featuring two songs, the Japanese version of “Oh!” and “All My Love Is For You”, whereas the “Girls’ Generation Complete Video Collection” will contain 26 different music videos.

Both the double A-side single and the “Girls’ Generation Complete Video Collection” are set to be released on September 26th. For more details on the releases, click here.

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