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What is it that you like about the girls? Are there any key factors that made you want to be a SONE? For example, their singing, dancing, variety skills, determination or their strong bond?


Their dancing caught my eyes, and Taeyeon’s voice caught my ears, but their determination caught my heart. I was watching “Girls Go To School” when I realized how hard they worked to achieve their dreams. That kind of real determination is a noble quality. What I came to realize is that even though these nine girls would argue or fight, they come together as one because they are like a family. They are all in it together, and that is a joy to watch. They are so entertaining to watch in interviews or variety shows, because they all have such varied personalities. I love how precise they are when they dance together. But of course, they are singers, and I love their music.


I think one of the reasons why I like the girls so much is because of their humility. It’s been five years down the road and they are still as humble as they were when they were rookies. Unlike some members from other groups, they are still very thoughtful and considerate in whatever they say and do and are still very grounded. Also, their determination to take their success a step further is something which I really admire. I wanted to become a SONE once I found out how dorky and entertaining the girls are. For me, I really like them because of a variety of reasons, most of them like the ones you mentioned above.

If Girls’ Generation could take over the Spongebob characters, who do you think would be who?


Taeyeon – Spongebob
Jessica – …uhhh…ummmm…I never watched Spongebob before…


Taeyeon – Spongebob (Dork. Duh)
Jessica – Squidward (I feel like she’d be a perfect Squidward when someone tries to wake her up)
Sunny – Sheldon (Shorty versus Tall-y just like Sheldon versus Mr. Krabs)
Tiffany – Pearl (I can imagine Tiffany as the forever-16-at-heart kind of girl, much like Pearl)
Hyoyeon – Sandy  (Tough nut)
Yuri – (I can’t think of any character she’d fit…maybe Larry?)
Sooyoung – Mr. Krabs (She trolls the members as much as Mr. Krabs does to Spongebob)
Yoona – Patrick (Dork and prankster)
Seohyun – Karen (She’s just like Sheldon’s naggy “wife”)

How much do you support the idea that Girls’ Generation should start creating their own songs and choreographing their own dance moves, instead of being assigned the songs, song parts & dances?


I would love it. We’ve gotten some input from the girls on their songs here and there already with Yuri and Sooyoung writing lyrics. Also Hyoyeon has done her own dances in some songs, and Sunny directed her solo performance of “3”. So they definitely have the ability to be creative in their art. I don’t think an entire album of just Girls’ Generation creations would probably be the best way to go, since the team at SM is really amazing (Yoo Young Jin is a fantastic song writer, and Rino and Jaewon are absolutely incredible choreographers), but I think a few songs written and done entirely by the members would be really nice. I’m interested in what they want to do as artists with their music and dancing.


I’m really looking forward to the day that happens. I think it’ll be amazing if the girls are given the chance to compose their own songs and write their own lyrics etcetera. The girls have expressed their interest in participating more in the making of their songs, so I hope to see more of it as time passes by. We got to see it once when Yuri wrote the lyrics to “Mistake” and twice when Sooyoung wrote for “How Great is Your Love” and Tiffany for a short part of the English version of  “The Boys”.

However, I think that there is still a long way to go until we get to see an album totally created by the girls. Firstly, SM has to take into consideration the quality of their submissions. Even though we want an album created by the girls, SM has to ensure that the songs are at a certain standard before they can release it. I highly doubt that SM would release an album just because it’s written by the girls. They need to make sure that the album will be able to bring in enough money for them. After all, it’s all about profits.

What would you do if one of the girls visited your house right now?


After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I would like to cook a really nice dinner for whichever member it was. Since she would be traveling, having a nice home cooked meal would be fun I think!


I’d freak out and hide under my blanket because I just woke up and my hair is all over the place, and also because I have tissue paper stuck up my nose thanks to sinus.

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