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Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yoona, and Seohyun Leave a Message for Closing of the Olympics

Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yoona, and Seohyun each left messages as the Olympics come to a close. They showed their support for all the Korean athletes and individuals that were involved in the Olympics and also mentioned the closing ceremony. The clip is available for download in Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.

OnStyle Reveals Photos from Tiffany’s Photoshoot with “1st Look” Magazine

OnStyle recently released a video showing pictures from Tiffany’s “1st Look” magazine photoshoot. The video uses a flipbook effect to create the illusion of movement by quickly showing many photos of Tiffany in similar outfits and positions. An interview and pictures of Tiffany from “1st Look” magazine can be found here.


Mamonde Releases New Advertisement Featuring Yuri

Recently, Mamonde released an advertisement featuring Yuri for a multi-repair cream. The company claims that if the customer wants bright eyes, this is the product to use. Yuri’s radiant smile in the advertisement is sure to catch the attention of many viewers.

Casio Releases Promotional Photo of Girls’ Generation


Casio recently revealed two new pictures of Girls’ Generation to promote the company’s Baby-G watches. The first photo is made up of nine smaller frames, each depicting a member and her respective watch. The second was a full group shot of the members. To view the individual members’ promotional pictures, visit Soshified’s Photos Section.

Eider Releases New Picture of Yoona

Eider recently released a new picture featuring Yoona and Lee Minho, two of the brand’s endorsers. In the picture, Yoona and Lee Minho can both be seen wearing Eider’s trademark outdoor clothing.

Lotte Department Store Releases a New Advertisement Featuring Yoona

Lotte Department Store released a new advertisement featuring Yoona. In the promotion, a Christmas theme is used as Yoona cutely poses with red reindeer antlers.

Yoona Featured in New Advertisement for Innisfree

Yoona was recently featured in Innisfree’s newest promotion, “Eco Healing Music”. The audio CD consists of clips that depict the peacefulness of Jeju Island.


Girls’ Generation Ranks Highly on Tower Records’ Pre-Order Charts

Soon after their upcoming single and complete video collection were made available for pre-order, Girls’ Generation ranked in first place on Tower Records’ pre-order charts. The CD and DVD edition of Girls’ Generation’s single ranked in first place, and the Blu-Ray edition and DVD edition of Girls’ Generation’s complete video collection ranked in third and fourth place, respectively.

Tower Records Congratulates Girls’ Generation on Its Fifth Anniversary

Tower Records congratulated Girls’ Generation on its fifth anniversary. The company commented on what the group has accomplished thus far in their career, focusing especially on their achievements in the Japanese music market. Tower Records’ congratulatory post can be found here.

Kwok Dowon Reveals He Is a Fan of Taeyeon

On July 18th, Kwok Dowon, a Korean actor, revealed on a “Midnight TV Entertainment” interview that he is a fan of Taeyeon. Recently, one of Kwok Dowon’s fans asked him on Twitter if he preferred “Hello Kitty” or “Pororo”. He ignored both of the choices and responded that he liked Taeyeon. Kwok Dowon has also twice performed a dance and vocal cover of “Twinkle”.

Girls’ Generation Attends “S.M.ART” Exhibition

Girls’ Generation attended a preview opening of the “S.M.ART” exhibition on August 9th. Dressed in elegant outfits, Girls’ Generation members joined their fellow SMTOWN labelmates to promote the opening of this new innovative experience for fans. To view more pictures of Girls’ Generation at the exhibition, visit Soshified’s Photos Section.

Yoona Places Third in Poll Asking Which Celebrity People Would Most Like to Go with on Vacation

Yoona came in third for a recent online poll that asked participants which celebrity they would most like to spend a vacation with. IU was first in the poll, followed by f(x)’s Krystal in second.

NMB48’s Kondo Rina Mentions Girls’ Generation

Kondo Rina, a member of Japanese girl group NMB48, mentioned Girls’ Generation on her Google+ account. In her status update on August 7th, she posted, “Right now, Rika-chan is competing in the Yankee face championship♪. Together with Shiori, we’re watching videos of Girls’ Generation, whom we love (っ´ω`c)♥.”

Jessica Leaves a Message on Japanese Mobile Fansite

On August 10th, Jessica left a message on Girls’ Generation’s Japanese mobile fansite talking about how much she enjoyed SMTOWN Tokyo. She also uploaded a picture of the costume she wore for a special performance with her sister f(x)’s Krystal. For the full message, check out Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section.

Yoona Leaves a Message and Photos on Girls’ Generation’s Official Website


During the August 11th showing of “Show! Music Core”, Yoona visited Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun, who are currently MCs of the music show. In her post on Girls’ Generation’s official website, Yoona shared photos she took of herself with Seohyun and SONEs and also talked about her visit to the “Show! Music Core” set. To see the full translated message, check out Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section.

Taeyeon Leaves a Message and Photo on Girls’ Generations’ Official Website

Taeyeon left a message on Girls’ Generation’s official website following the August 11th episode of “Show! Music Core”. In the photo, she posed with Tiffany, Seohyun, and the SONEs present at the show. In her message, she expressed how much she anticipated returning to the show after a two week absence and thanked all the fans for their constant support. To read the full translated message, visit Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section.


Sooyoung Uploads New UFOtown Picture

Sooyoung recently updated her UFOtown profile picture. The four separate frames show her happily wearing sunglasses and making various expressions.

Yuri Sends a Cake to Shin Sekyung

Shin Sekyung recently tweeted the message: “Choi Anna is a scary girl” along with a picture of a cake Yuri gave to her. Shin Sekyung, Yuri’s co-star in the drama “Fashion King”, played as the character Lee Gayoung while Yuri played as Choi Anna. The message written on the cake reads, “Lee Gayoung, I’m watching you.”

Seohyun Sponsors SAERA’s Shoes

A new sponsor photo featuring Seohyun has recently surfaced online. She is seen wearing Barbie shoes from SAERA, a company specializing in women’s shoes, along with a cute matching outfit.

Girls’ Generation Japanese Mobile Fansite Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

On August 8th, a message was left on the staff blog on the Japanese mobile fansite congratulating the girls on their fifth anniversary. A picture of the cake the SMTOWN staff gave the girls was also uploaded. To read the full translation, click here.

Aus2one Staff Takes a Photo with the “Invincible Youth 2” Cast

Recently, the Aus2one staff was able to take a photo with the “Invincible Youth 2” cast. In the picture, Hyoyeon is right in the center posing cutely for the shot.

Tasty Tweets a Photo of Themselves with Hyoyeon and Yoona

Woolim Entertainment’s new duo, Tasty, recently tweeted a photo of themselves with Hyoyeon and Yoona. Their message read, “Thankful Hyoyeon and Yoona who brought tasty cupcakes to cheer us on today! ㅋㅋㅋ Thanks^^ ^^”.

G.O Tweets a Photo of Himself and Taeyeon

MBLAQ’s G.O tweeted a friendly photo of himself with Taeyeon. His message read, “With Taengoo, who I haven’t seen in a while~ Talked about things from 8 years ago and other things.. It was fun!!”

New Sets of Pictures

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SONE Picture/Video of the Week

While the members of Girls’ Generation are famous worldwide for their musical talents and their beautiful looks, their fans know that Girls’ Generation is also one of the funniest girl groups as well. This video, set to Girls’ Generation’s “PAPARAZZI”, shows many recent clips, ranging from Taeyeon and Yuri showing off their English skills to Sooyoung accidentally hitting Yoona during a rehearsal for “The Boys”, and is sure to make viewers smile.

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