The dance version of the music video for Girls’ Generation’s “MR. TAXI” has surpassed 60 million views on YouTube. As the girls’ third Japanese single, “MR. TAXI” is full of strong, catchy, electronic beats that are quite different from Girls’ Generation’s earlier songs. The bright yellow outfits and complex choreography showcased in the dance version have also undoubtedly led to this video’s immense popularity.

Released on April 25th of last year, “MR. TAXI” is the second Girls’ Generation music video to reach 60 million YouTube views. “Gee” was the first Girls’ Generation music video to do so and has now been viewed over 82 million times. “The Boys” is the next most popular video at 54 million views, and “Oh!” is closely following with 53 million.

“MR. TAXI” was Girls’ Generation’s first Japanese single to sell 100,000 units the first week of its physical release on April 27, 2011. It was also first on Billboard Japan’s “Hot 100” chart for two weeks in a row. The girls are currently preparing for the release of their new Japanese single on September 26th. Congratulations to Girls’ Generation for this most recent accomplishment.

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