Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of Learn Korean with Soshi. We have been sparked with numerous “PAPARAZZI” goodies this June, and it is now time to present five new phrases. You can type these out on your computer by pressing the keys located below each phrase, and make sure you know how to do so by reading this post. If you feel that five phrases aren’t enough, you can backtrack the previous editions here. Happy learning!

걸렸다 (Geollyeotda) = (We’re) caught
How to type: rjffuTek

While the girls were taking a break from shooting a commercial, the host spotted Sooyoung and Sunny chasing each other on the seashore, so he decided to approach them. Sunny said a quick “we’re caught” before giggling again. Derived from the dictionary form 걸리다, the word literally means to be hung. However, the word has been used for phrases such as “I was at home last night to catch up with my studies” and “my sleeve was caught in that door”.

An example situation where the phrase 걸렸다 would be used:
Yuri looked left then right. Nobody was there. She took a step forward, and another, and another. Gripping the plastic cockroach in her hand, she opened the door to Tiffany’s bedroom. She positioned the toy bug right underneath the pink pillow, knowing that the older girl would panic once she reaches under the pillow out of habit. She then stood up, admired her flawless prank, and grinned. Just as she was about to walk out the door, a confused Seohyun stepped in. “What were you doing, Unnie?” the maknae asked innocently. The first thing that came to Yuri’s mind was, “Ah, 걸렸다.” The girl remained calm, however, and quickly grabbed a bottle from the nearest table. “I’m just borrowing this from Tiffany.”

나 망했다/나 망했어 (Na manghaetda/Na manghaesseo) = I messed up
How to type: sk akdgoTek/sk akdgoTdj

Both Yuri and Yoona have prepared gifts for the boy on “I Got An Uncle”, hoping to delight him with their toys. After knowing what he wants, though, Yoona admitted that she had messed up because she brought a completely different gift. 나 means I/me, and 망하다 means to fail/to be ruined.

An example situation where the phrase 나 망했다/나 망했어 would be used:
“Are you sure Jessica has my gift?” Seokhyun asked.
“Of course,” Krystal rolled her eyes. The boy had been nagging her for hours now. “I told you that I put it on top of her dresser, didn’t I?”
“You did, but I’m nervous. I can’t help it.”
“What did you give her, by the way? You make it seem like it’s so important.”
“That’s because it’s food. I prepared a sandwich for her. If the sandwich goes bad, then all my efforts would have been wasted.”
Now Krystal had a serious look on her face. “Does it have cucumbers in it?”
Seokyun was taken aback by the sudden change of tone. “Uh yeah, why is that? Doesn’t every sandwich have cucumbers?”
Krystal shook her head, “You’re screwed. Jessica hates cucumbers.”
Seokyun opened his mouth to object, but realized that there wasn’t any objection needed in the first place. He slumped to the ground, “나 망했다. 나 망했어.”

못 외웠어요 (Mot oewosseoyo) = (I) couldn’t memorize (it)
How to type: aht dhldnjTdjdy

On “Global Talk Show”, Taeyeon was asked if she would like to try and imitate an English phrase. She replied cheekily that she couldn’t memorize it. 못 means could not/cannot, and 외우다 means to memorize. Aside from the past tense particle -었, Taeyeon added the polite sentence ending -요 as a form of respect.

An example situation where the phrase 못 외웠어요 would be used:
“Hello, Taeyeon,” the vocal teacher greeted kindly. She has always been friendly. “How is the English song going? Were the lyrics hard to pronounce?”
Trainee Taeyeon shook her head slowly. “Tiffany helped me out, but I had to keep looking at the lyrics sheet. The English words are too hard. 못 외웠어요. I’m sorry.”
“Hey, don’t apologize. You’re not doing anything wrong. This is the first time you were asked to perform an English song, right?”
She nodded. “I never knew that people were asked to sing English songs for the annual SM showcase.”
“But now you do. Try singing it now, then. It doesn’t matter if you mess up.”
Taeyeon looked back at her lyrics sheet. She took a deep breath, and started to sing. Forget her pronunciation, she’ll do what she can for now.

완전 민망해 (Wanjeon minmanghae) = (This is) totally embarrassing
How to type: dhkswjs alsakdgo

Being the natural dorks they are, Taeyeon, Sunny and Hyoyeon pretended to pose like aliens for a picture. After they heard the camera snap, Sunny exclaimed, “This is really embarrassing”. 완전 means completely, fully, and 민망하다 means to be embarrassed/to be ashamed.

An example situation where the phrase 완전 민망해 would be used:
“Hey, Yuri,” Sooyoung called out to the other girl, “remember the time we performed at the Great Voyage Festival?”
“Yeah, what about that?” Yuri approached Sooyoung, bending her body down so she could take a look at the computer screen.
“Your fans uploaded videos of our performance. I still can’t believe you made mistakes on all four songs.”
Yuri watched the video play, and enjoyed the laughter that came afterwards. “완전 민망해!”

잘했어 (Jarhaesseo) = Good job
How to type: wkfgoTdj

Aside from her English, Yuri has mentioned another phrase on “Good Daddy” that can be commonly used: 잘했어. 잘 means to be well, and 하다 means to do. When used as a whole, the phrase means do (it) right/do (it) well/good job/good work.

An example situation where the phrase 잘했어 would be used:
Kim Hyungsuk leaned his back against the door, eyes never leaving the dancing girl. They had agreed to meet at 7 PM, but here Hyoyeon was, sweating and practicing at 6:45 PM. Judging by her messy bundle of hair, she must have been dancing for at least ten minutes. Noticing her partner, Hyoyeon finished up the routine and asked, “Should we start right away?”. He gave a quick nod, dropped his bag, and made his way to his position. The two started to dance, beautifully and gracefully, until the music ended. “We’re doing great, Hyungsuk! 잘했어!” Hyoyeon grinned. Not a lot of people have the privilege to see a happy Hyoyeon in the practice room, and Hyungsuk felt lucky because of it.

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