Macao’s “K-POP Nation Concert” finally kicked off on July 2nd. Girls’ Generation, SHINee, B.A.P, and U-KISS all delivered powerful performances.

The girls sang “Gee”, “Genie”, “Hoot”, “Run Devil Run”, and “The Boys”. Their portion of the concert was filled with memorable moments, including when the background recording for “Hoot” suddenly stopped twice during the performance. However, the girls stayed calm and joked around to keep up the energetic atmosphere; Taeyeon, for example, shouted “Surprise!” both times after the recording cut off, causing waves of laughter from the audience. Yuri’s unusual pronunciation of “What’s up, Macao!” during her introduction was also a highlight. And of course, the entire venue exploded in cheers when Tiffany yelled, “Macao, put it back on!”

Girls’ Generation’s popularity was evident even before the concert began. The girls’ warm welcome started as soon as they arrived in Macao, when so many fans were waiting at the Macao ferry for a chance to see the girls that they overwhelmed the ferry space. This further proved the girls’ explosive popularity not only in South Korea but also internationally.

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