The July issue of “Elle Girl” magazine featured a cover photo, photoshoot, and interviews with Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun. The piece began with a brief introduction.

It’s a photoshoot set that takes place every month, but the air is different today. This is because it is the first time “Elle Girl” Korea will have a Korean star on the cover. The special guests are Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun. With their lucid name, “TaeTiSeo”, they have been showing off their singing skills and have graced the cover of “Elle Girl” as their last activity as a subunit. Like a Saturday afternoon, the three looked bright and beautiful walking into the studio. Tiffany wore a flashy, patterned jump suit, while Taeyeon matched a boxy, white shirt with black shorts, and Seohyun wore a feminine, flower pattern one-piece. Their different outfits seemed to hint at their own personalities. After greeting everyone like a friend they met the day before, they began moving to their own rhythm. With her practiced hand, Taeyeon looked into the mirror to apply her base makeup herself, and like the fashion lover she is, Tiffany carefully checked the day’s outfits and didn’t forget to deliver an affectionate greeting to the photographer, Cho Sunhee. As if she was used to yielding to her older members in the order of getting hair and makeup done, Seohyun sat off to one side with her headphones on and quietly hummed along to her music. It was nice seeing their usual actions, not minding the surrounding attention.

After an hour passed, they were finished getting ready, and it was time for the girls to transform into pros. Taeyeon, who was like a cheerful girl with a makeup-less face, showed off a mature appeal wearing short shorts and red lipstick. Seohyun showed off her slim legs, and unlike her shy demeanor from when they debuted, she winked as if responding to the camera. After completing the solo shots, the three members stood in a line, smiling playfully for the cover shot. The way they leaned against one anothers’ shoulders and placed their hands on the others’ waists looked natural. Like the sparkle of a gem, the wisdom and accomplishments they’ve gained thus far in the time they’ve spent under the name Girls’ Generation made the girls shine.

While the staff was in awe over the three girls’ great smiles, Tiffany didn’t look all that satisfied. “I don’t like my hair, could we go again after I change it?” There wasn’t anyone who could talk her out of her loveable greed, as she was the one who was most enthusiastic about the shoot. We’ve spent well over six hours with Girls’ Generation – TTS, but we couldn’t find anything to envy or hate about the girls. Even during the interview, the three came together and talked about their heart-fluttering dreams and bigger goals they wish to reach in the future. Their heartbeats increase just thinking about their future. How much farther are these girls going to reach out?

Taeyeon’s interview:

Q: When you first heard about the Girls’ Generation – TTS subunit, did you think the three of you would make a good team? Could you picture the three of you performing?

Taeyeon: At first, I was happy, but also taken aback, because each one of us have our own music styles we adhere to (laughs). Fortunately, ‘Twinkle’ suited all of us.

Q: This promotion cycle was a chance for Taeyeon to show off her singing skills again. Were you happy being able to sing to your heart’s content? Was it burdensome at all, considering everyone’s expectations for ‘Girls’ Generation’s vocal line’?

Taeyeon: Like music is everything I have, I promoted enjoying it to the fullest. It was burdensome because we were promoting as representatives of Girls’ Generation, but I’m thankful that so many people loved us.

Q: To you, when was Tiffany and Seohyun’s most ‘Twinkle’-ing moment? Meaning, when they shined the most.

Taeyeon: Tiffany looks so pretty when she’s MCing on ‘Music Core’, as well as when she speaks English (laughs)! Seohyun shines more than usual when she’s wearing flashy jewelry, at an award show, and when she’s playing the piano.

Q: Will we be able to see another subunit from Girls’ Generation promoting in the future? Is there a subunit that you’re looking forward to by any chance?

Taeyeon: Our advantage is that, because we have so many members, we can create that many more groups. However, I actually haven’t thought about any other combinations. I guess I’ll think about it starting today.

Q: Before the shoot, I saw you applying base makeup yourself. Do you usually apply makeup yourself?

Taeyeon: I’ve applied base makeup myself since our debut days, just because it’s fun and comfortable. I have a lot of interest in makeup and own a lot of products.

Q: When do you like how your face looks the most?

Taeyeon: When I wake up? It’s just my opinion!

Q: I’m curious as to what kind of music you’ve been listening to as of late. Is there a musician you’ve gained lots of interest in recently?

Taeyeon: I usually choose music based on my condition that day, regardless of genres. I’ve been into English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and an American singer, The Ready Set, and I’ve been a fan of Bruno Mars for a while. I like how Bruno oppa’s sexy voice carries both sorrow and happiness.

Q: What’s your best way of enjoying music?

Taeyeon: When I start the day in the morning or when I’m cleaning my room, I loudly play exciting electronica music. It gives you energy. When we’re moving in the car or waiting for our next schedule, I always put on my earphones and focus for that short amount of time and listen.

Q: While you’re going back and forth overseas, you’re bound to bump into foreign stars or musicians. Is there a star that you were really glad to meet?

Taeyeon: We met Avril Lavigne while promoting in Japan. I was really nervous meeting her in person because she’s an artist that I’ve liked since I was younger. I told her I’m a fan and asked, if she gets the chance, if she could write a song for Girls’ Generation. She probably would have been taken aback as it was our first time meeting, but she coolly replied with an ‘okay’ (laughs). She could have just said that out of courtesy, but I felt happy.

Q: You could become exhausted both physically and mentally due to constant flights and activities overseas. How are you regulating your condition?

Taeyeon: I receive massages whenever I get free time. When I want to relieve stress, I also go eat sweet, yummy foods with my members.

Q: Girls’ Generation members have been doing individual activities in various areas lately. As the leader and fellow group member, was there a member who had a talent that surprised you?

Taeyeon: Because we’ve known each other for so long, we know each other really well. Just as I thought, my members are always the best at their own positions. They’re all so good [at what they do] that I can’t pick one person.

Q: Do you tell your family or people around you that you love them often?

Taeyeon: I don’t think I express those things well, but when I suddenly really do want to say it, I do.

Q: If there was a personality trait, tendency, or preference you have that you could change, what would it be?

Taeyeon: When something happens, I keep the worst case scenario in mind, so I feel I lack in optimism. I want to be a bit more optimistic. On the other hand, because I think of the worst case scenario, there is the upside that I can handle whatever problem calmly.

Q: What’s the most rewarding thing you’ve achieved as Girls’ Generation?

Taeyeon: Girls’ Generation’s solo Asia tour concert, our Japan tour concert, and appearing on the American talk show ‘Letterman Show’!

Q: Do you believe in destiny? Do you think of you being a member of Girls’ Generation, gaining this immense amount of love from all over the world, as coincidence, luck, or destiny?

Taeyeon: I believe it to a certain extent. I think me becoming a member of Girls’ Generation is destiny, and receiving so much love from all over the world is luck.

Q: Is there a person or incident that gets you excited lately? Right now, what’s a thought that makes you happiest?

Taeyeon: This question itself is making me excited (laughs). An incident would be Girls’ Generation – TTS’s subunit activities, a thing would be [my] car, and people, our fans. And my heart flutters and I feel happiest when thinking about what or who I may encounter in the future.

Tiffany’s interview:

Q: What did you like the most while promoting as Girls’ Generation – TTS?

Tiffany: More than anything, I was happy to be able to sing to my heart’s content. Also, from the draft proposal to the pattern and also styling, we took full participation in it. I personally chose this red hair, which reminded me of Nicole Kidman in ‘Moulin Rouge’.

Q: You have a lot of interest in fashion. Suppose Girls’ Generation were to collaborate with a Korean designer on their dress, who would you like to work with?

Tiffany: For this album’s ‘Baby Steps’ performances, we consulted with a designer we’ve always liked, Lee Jae Hyun, and produced our dresses. The next designer I’d like to collaborate with is ‘Steve J & Yoni P’! I usually like items with a wild and funky pattern.

Q: Do you organize your clothes as much as you like them? Or perhaps your clothes are scattered everywhere?

Tiffany: I’ve always been organized, but now my room is small and we’re going to move so the clothes are piled up. I am looking forward to a big closet in the new dorm (laughs).

Q: What is your key item for this summer?

Tiffany: I’ve always liked pink, to the point that the members call it a sickness. However, lately my hands have been automatically going to yellow or mint-colored accessories.

Q: Women will have bad days where they look in the mirror and say ‘I look fat,’ or ‘Whatever I wear, it doesn’t look pretty.’ Do you ever have any of those thoughts?

Tiffany: I know that feeling! It’s especially a big matter before I go to the airport. At those times, sunglasses or lipstick are the answer. When I am not satisfied with my look, I gain confidence when I put on red lipstick.

Q: It’s been several years since you’ve left Los Angeles and came to Seoul for your dream to become a singer. Does that once unfamiliar Seoul feel like home to you now?

Tiffany: The dorm definitely feels like home. However, I feel there are still many things I am learning in Seoul. I still get confused with Korean spelling. When I visit Los Angeles for just a few days, I feel so well rested.

Q: Girls’ Generation’s overseas activities are continuously increasing, and since you are going to foreign countries and you are fluent in English, there must be a lot of speaking opportunities as the representative.

Tiffany: At official settings, for sure, and also if I go anywhere with the members or with staff. When we’re deciding on the menu at a restaurant or when we go shopping, they all come looking for me. So my nickname is ‘T-manager’ (laughs). Because I’m always taking care of others, lately I’ve started a project to take care of myself.

Q: Do you look after the members’ individual activities? If you had to pick a member who is praiseworthy and you were proud of, who would it be?

Tiffany: Whether it was the filming set of a drama or a musical performance, I went once to all the places the members were doing activities. As expected from Girls’ Generation, whether it’s acting or variety, they’re all good at it. In particular, I think it’s really amazing that Hyoyeon comes out every week on ‘Dancing With the Stars II’ and completely exposes all her hard work.

Q: Do you, who always seems sweet and cheerful, ever get angry at anyone?

Tiffany: I get angry as much I’m happy (laughs). I’m meticulous and keen with work, so there are times when I feel sorry for the people around me. I discuss with staff when a schedule has changed or there is a costume change without any warning. I am a scary person (laughs).

Q: In a movie magazine interview, you said the person you respect the most is your sister. What kind of presence does your sister have?

Tiffany: She has been my role model ever since I was young. My sister is smart, studies well, is fun, and cooks well. She always does her best with whatever is given to her, and she’s good at everything. I’ve always wanted to be like my sister, and I think I would copy her.

Q: Taeyeon said your most ‘Twinkle’-ing moment is when you are MCing ‘Music Core’. Do you agree?

Tiffany: Yes! Having been an MC on a music show for three years, I’ve gained confidence in it. Also, I stand in the center on ‘Music Core’ (laughs). After an SMTOWN concert, when representative Lee Sooman said to me, “When you speak, it makes me smile with you,” I felt really good.

Q: I’m curious what you would be like in front of a guy you like or when you are dating.

Tiffany: I can’t easily approach a person I really like because it may reveal my true feelings. If I recall my past, I am the type to generously give a lot when dating. I don’t know how to calculate. So, I really want to meet someone who will love me as much as I love them.

Q: What thoughts make you the happiest?

Tiffany: Thoughts of the future. Right now I am living out the dream I had in my teenage years. Other members did not think we would be this successful, but not me. When I came to Korea, my resolution and dream was that big. Expanding into the United States or other dreams like acting do not seem that far off. Of course, the way to achieving those dreams is difficult.

Seohyun’s interview:

Q: I think other Girls’ Generation members would have liked and gotten jealous of Girls’ Generation – TTS’s performances. Which member monitored your performances the most?

Seohyun: Everyone liked and cheered us on, but Sooyoung unnie and Yoona unnie were our biggest fans.

Q: If you compare with when you were younger, you’ve been looking a lot more confident lately. Have you felt these changes?

Seohyun: Yes. Whenever I stood on stage or monitored [performances], I tried to find my flaws and work to supplement them. However, lately I’ve found myself just enjoying the moments I stand on stage. I’m also amazed at this side of myself.

Q: You sometimes appear innocent, sexy, or transform into a bad girl on stage as well. What do you do to pull these various charms out?

Seohyun: I look in the mirror, and as if I’m hypnotizing myself, I give myself confidence. I do image training while listening to music. I also learn by watching other people’s music videos.

Q: Do you really set your alarm and get up and read every morning? Do you really feel a good influence or change when you read books?

Seohyun: I can’t do that every day, but it is true that I read in order to live my ideal life and to find my own peace. I’ve been reading a book called ‘The Word of Nietzsche’.

Q: You’ve met Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Who is the next celebrity you want to meet? What would you want to ask if you were to meet him or her?

Seohyun: Beyoncé. She’s my role model as a singer. I want to see and learn everything from one to ten: how she practices and what she does to dominate the stage. If possible, I want to receive vocals lessons from her too!

Q: The flower-print one-piece and oxford shoes you wore to the shoot today suit you well.

Seohyun: Thank you! However, they were all inexpensive items. The one-piece was around 30,000 won, and the shoes were from Forever 21. (Q: Do you usually enjoy shopping reasonably?) I don’t really care for the brand. I purchase items that express and suit me well and buy items that aren’t very expensive.

Q: Earlier, while looking at pictures with Tiffany, you said, ‘I’m jealous of the charms you have, unnie.’ In detail, what are you jealous of? Also, what is a charm you wish to have that another Girls’ Generation member has?

Seohyun: Her plain, loveable charms! Taeyeon unnie’s witty personality and Hyoyeon unnie’s humor are traits I want to have.

Q: I feel like you would always have good posture and mind control. Is there anything that you became a ‘holic’ to beyond your own control?

Seohyun: Hm… a workaholic. There was a time where I only thought about work and neglected everything else. I think I turned my cell phone off and just focused on work.

Q: Was there a time where you were surprised after seeing a picture or broadcast with Girls’ Generation in an unexpected place?

Seohyun: When I saw our music video playing in Times Square in New York. I was really surprised, and it was like a dream come true (laughs).

Q: Girls’ Generation has been receiving international love. As a Girls’ Generation member, how would you describe this love in an adjective?

Seohyun: The love from our fans is ‘cozy’ and ‘unconditional’. If a single person was truly on my side in this lifetime, I think that life was a successful one. And so, I think we are living a very lucky life.

Q: You’re the youngest one in your team, but there are a lot of idol juniors who are younger than you. Honestly, which is harder, playing the youngest [in the group] or senior?

Seohyun: There are things that make it difficult being the youngest member and an unnie. I’ve been thinking that I have to show a good appearance to juniors as a senior lately.

Q: What was the most beautiful memory you have before you entered your 20’s?

Seohyun: My trainee days. I think the most beautiful memory is the time I spent with my unnies, sweating and working towards reaching the same dream every day.

Q: What do you think is your most ‘girly’ side that you still maintain?

Seohyun: The sensibility to be able to laugh while listening to music. It’s something I want to maintain in the future.

Q: Right at this moment, I want to know a thought that makes you happiest.

Seohyun: The thought of reaching the goals I’ve set, one by one.

Sources: Elle Girl, DC Taeyeon Gallery, DC Tiffany Gallery, DC Seohyun Gallery, TVReport
Scans by: deselim
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified, somaek@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified, MoonSoshi9@soshified

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