On June 7th, the sounds of Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, Jessica, Sooyoung, and Seohyun’s laughter would not end in Cheongdam-dong. For the photoshoot for the July issue of “@star1″, they arrived an hour early at the hair and beauty shop, Soonsoo. Looking at the girls wearing hair rollers while getting their makeup done and chatting was just “twinkle, twinkle”. After hearing that Girls’ Generation usually likes eating yummy foods while chatting or shopping, I got an idea and decided this photoshoot’s concept would be “Girls’ Generation’s Fun Outing”.

On the day of the shoot, the girls had their own individual schedules, as well as the launching event for their collaborative perfume “GiRL” with 10 Corso Como that evening, so time was not on our side. Also, there was a heat wave in Cheongdam-dong, and fans were everywhere, and we had to change the course of direction and cue sheets constantly throughout the shoot because of the crowding fans. It was an overall difficult situation that was about to make the staff’s mentality collapse. However, unlike the staff, the girls were relaxed, saying, “It’s nice being able to shoot outdoors, getting natural lighting after shooting in studios all the time.”

The first cut was done in a bakery/cafe. As soon as she stepped into the bakery, Seohyun kept saying, “Oh my, it’s really nice,” and, even when nobody told her to, she started choosing pretty desserts and bread. She took a seat with Sooyoung at the Nocheon Cafe and started conversing with her. They acted so natural that you couldn’t tell if it was a photoshoot or their everyday life. Once outside the cafe, we shot photos of Sooyoung taking a walk with the Golden Retriever, “Aki”, and Bichon Frisé, “Bbyong”. “I normally like dogs, and have three dogs at home.” She looked loveable, kicking her feet, not knowing what to do, because she was so happy after seeing the dogs. Going on, we captured Yuri, Jessica, Sooyoung, and Seohyun’s natural appearances shopping while walking to and from 10 Corso Como and Tory Burch. “We couldn’t even think about it now because of our busy schedules, but we enjoy shopping in Cheongdam-dong with our members or friends when we don’t have any schedules.”

Like their words, they picked out pretty clothes for one another and smelled their own “GiRL” perfume scents. They looked like real sisters having fun. In between shoots, Seohyun would be absorbed in picking books from the book corner. Yuri, who said, “I usually like reading and listening to music at cafes,” enjoyed the peaceful sunlight at Noncheon Cafe. Known for her exceptional aesthetic senses, Jessica looked like she realized that time was flying because she was busy viewing drawings in the opera gallery. Despite the photoshoot starting in the morning along with the hot weather, we were able to complete the shoot thanks to the girls not frowning once but acting professional by smiling from start to finish. Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, Jessica, Sooyoung, and Seohyun’s hearts are just as pretty as their loveable faces. I want to take this spot to sincerely thank the girls.

At times like a child, at times like a girl

Q. The youngest, Seohyun, recently completed her activities as one of Girls’ Generation’s three-member unit group, TaeTiSeo. I think it would have been a lot different from when you were nine.

A. While it was the three of us in a unit, it was just as fun as promotions with all nine. Time passed really fast, and I was sad our activities were over. It was a burden at first. Because it went from nine members to three, the burden that came with the responsibilities we each had was no joke. However as time went by, I fell for the charms of unit promotions. It was a good opportunity for me to learn stage manners and other things.

Q. Watching TTS’s promotions, personally, Seohyun’s “aegyo mole” is what I remember most.

A. (laughs) I didn’t expect that to gain so much interest. It’s not really an aegyo mole, but I did it to give a twinkling appearance, but I think it looked like a mole to others. I’m glad a different feeling was delivered even when it wasn’t intended.

Q. Yuri received attention through her recent drama, “Fashion King”. It was actually your first take on acting, so how was it?

A. It was really hard and tiring. But, it was even more fun. It made me want to continue acting, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve lost my will as a singer. I watched TaeTiSeo’s performance on the [drama] set, and I was moving my body without even realizing it. I can’t help that I’m [a member of] Girls’ Generation. (laughs) When I’m active as a singer, I want to act, and when I’m acting, I miss the stage.

Q. What was the most intersting thing once the drama ended?

A. A lot of older women and men recognize me. It’s the first time they’ve treated me so pleasantly. It was different from when I’m a Girls’ Generation member. It was a different feeling. They recognize me wherever I go and love me. It makes me feel strange, but I’m still happy and like it. I think it’s the power of dramas.

Q. How was Yuri’s acting in your opinion, Seohyun? Appraise it honestly.

A. (Yuri, nervous, looked at Seohyun’s eyes from the side.) I was an avid watcher of “Fashion King”. She acted really well, making it hard to believe that it was her first time acting. My parents became bigger fans of her after watching her act. Not only Yuri unnie, but it’s fun and interesting watching the other unnies acting. It makes me think, “Should I try acting?” as well.

Q. I think Yuri gets prettier everyday. What kind of image do you want to grow into?

A. I got prettier? That’s impossible. I think I was prettier when I was younger. (All the staff members fussed, saying “No.”) There are times when I want to go back to when we debuted. (laughs) Right now, instead of hearing people say that I’m “pretty”, I want to hear “Yuri has her own color.” Instead of a pretty person, a person with a scent, doesn’t that sound really good?

Q. Sooyoung has become the MC of “Midnight TV Entertainment”.

A. I recently finished my first broadcast, but I was really nervous because it’s live. I guess I lost all my energy once the show as over? That’s what it felt like. But, as much as I was nervous, it was really fun and amazing.

Q. Sooyoung was also cast in the drama, “The Third Hospital”, and is busy filming…

A. As it’s my first time acting in a long time, it’s really fun. I went around auditioning to act before debuting as a singer, so I have big dreams when it comes to acting. My importance has gotten larger than before… My responsibilities are no joke, either.

Q. Listening to Sooyoung’s answer, it seems like you’ve gotten more mature.

A. (laughs) Does it? Hearing that… Feels nice. (laughs) Still, I think the size of my heart has gotten bigger than when I was younger. Because I experienced many things after debuting, I think I look at things in a wider light. I think I was a bit foolish when I was little. I don’t think I knew how to accept and act with all the responsibilities and things that were dropped onto me at a young age. Now, I think I’ve matured a bit in that aspect. I want to become a more professional person with a sense of responsibility.

Q. Yuri, Yoona, and Jessica have been going forth as actresses. In your opinion, Sooyoung, aren’t you worried about being compared to your fellow members?

A. Yuri and Jessica made their acting debuts through recent dramas. I think they did unbelievably well despite it being their first time acting. I think I can learn the good things [from them] and find my own individual personality. Being compared with someone else will only cause a burden, and I don’t think it’d help any.

Q. How is the summer for “Ice Princess” Jessica?

A. To be honest, I’m afraid of the summer. I’m scared physically and am already worried about how I’ll get through this hot summer. I’ve always liked ice cream and patbingsoo (shaved ice), so I think I’ll have to get through this summer with these foods. (laughs) I haven’t been able to make any special summer plans. Because we start promotions in Japan soon, I want to focus on that. I want to greet fans and the cool summer with good results.

Q. You’ve been enjoying a sweet vacation after your drama, “Wild Romance”.

A. I’m resting for a moment. I think of myself recharging. I’ve been taking this time, before promotions resume, to do things that I’ve pushed off, meet people I haven’t been able to, and reflect on my work and myself. I’ve been straightening things out seriously.

Q. After you, Jessica, many members have been appearing in dramas.

A. There have been a lot of individual schedules, and I’m cheering them on. Plus, I’m happy they’re all doing well. Members being able to show off their own personalitites in whatever area of work, I think that is Girls’ Generation’s strength. I, too, want to experience all other areas of work. I think then I will be able to find Jessica’s individual color and create my own personality.

Q. I feel like there have been a lot of individual activities these days.

A. There have been a lot of instances of individual activities. Still, that doesn’t mean we aren’t Girls’ Generation, does it? For us, whether it’s just one member that’s active, or all nine, it’s all being done by Girls’ Generation. Everyone’s been waiting for a performance with all nine of us for a long time, so we are planning on getting on stage after preparing thoroughly.

Source: @star1 magazine
Scans by: Zeebra & Limeade
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: nicholys@soshified, MoonSoshi9@soshified

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