With her soft features, charming smile, and beautiful looks, Yoona handily came out on top in a recent polling of idols netizens found to remind them of their first love.

With the poll held from May 22nd to the 29th on DC Inside, Yoona placed first with 6,278 votes, roughly 42.7% of the total 14,711 votes cast. Many attributed her participating in the popular drama “Love Rain” as being a deciding factor for her large margin of victory, in addition to her aforementioned charm. Coming in second after Yoona was Han Hyo Joo with 4,219 votes (28.7%), and Han Ji Min with 1,271 votes (8.6%) came in third. Other idols listed included Moon Geun Young, miss A’s Suzy and Han Ga In.

Source: YahooOMGPH, Newsen
Written by: SNSDave@soshified
Edited by: residentbenchwarmer@soshified

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