Hyoyeon has been receiving the spotlight through “Dancing With the Stars II”, and on May 25th, she perfectly showed off her charms through the popular reality dancing competition.

During this episode, Hyoyeon performed a flawless rumba. She was the most beautiful contestant, wearing a pink dress which emphasized her back. She and her partner, Kim Hyungsuk, showed the greatest teamwork and flew around the stage.

While practicing, Hyoyeon had trouble because she could not become familiar with the rumba. It was to the point where partner Kim Hyungsuk criticized her facial expressions. He asked Hyoyeon, “How do you look when you’re falling in love?”, and requested a soft facial expression from her. However, Hyoyeon expressed her trouble with making awkward facial expressions.

Then when they were practicing the lifts, Kim Hyungsuk commented, “Why are you so heavy? I think you’ll have to lose some weight.”

Hyoyeon didn’t even flinch at his jokes and replied, “I’m heavy, right? It’s because I ate a lot,” gaining laughs. She reassured her partner by adding, “I’ll try to lose a little more weight before the live broadcast.”

However, once they got on stage, Hyoyeon showed off all her sensual sexiness as if she never experienced troubles with the dance. Once their performance ended, judge Song Seunghwan commented, “Their teamwork is getting better and better,” and awarded them six points. Kim Joowon awarded them seven points and said, “The deep expressions were manifested well.”

Because Hyoyeon couldn’t get rid of her habits of dancing powerfully, she had trouble at the beginning of “Dancing With the Stars II”. Hyoyeon eventually expressed her troubles to Kim Hyungsuk, saying, “It would be easier if I had never danced before.” After their first performance, they unfortunately landed in sixth place with a total of eighteen points.

However, seeing how Hyoyeon has improved with every passing day, worries have become chances. She has been improving every week, as if she has her mind set. She has satisfied the expectations viewers had from not just an idol, but a Girls’ Generation member. Hyoyeon became a very likely candidate to win the entire show after they landed in first place on May 18th.

Also, Hyoyeon’s charms were shown with her fresh appearances with her partner, Kim Hyungsuk. It is true that Hyoyeon has not been active on variety shows compared to her other members. However, the Hyoyeon seen through “Dancing With the Stars II” showed that she is just as charming, and she is a person who has her own variety show skills. Hyoyeon even turned her first awkward meeting with her same-age partner into a scene similar to one from “We Got Married”, making her partner and viewers smile.

Hyoyeon has been showing all her charms she has been hiding through “Dancing with the Stars II”. Even after being stripped of her “dancing machine” title, Hyoyeon was still very beautiful. Hyoyeon has found her place through “Dancing with the Stars”.

You can download Hyoyeon’s “Dancing with the Stars II” performance on May 25th from Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.

Sources: Newsen, Xportnews
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified, MoonSoshi9@soshified

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