On May 17th, Girls’ Generation member Jessica appeared on tvN’s “Taxi” alongside labelmates Sungmin and Luna, from Super Junior and f(x) respectively. During the show, Jessica answered questions about her fellow members, revealing her thoughts about them, and a few unknown facts too.

Jessica chose Sunny as the member of Girls’ Generation who would get married first, the reason being, “Just because I think so.” She added, “I think she will marry a prince from a neighbouring country and raise ten poodles as pets, wearing a large-brimmed hat.” On the other hand, she chose Tiffany as the member she thinks would get married last, saying, “Tiffany has a lot of interest in work, so I think she will continue working for a long time.” She also revealed her ideal type as a guy who is “gentle” and “smart”, and one who “takes care of her.”

Also in the episode, Jessica revealed that she and the group’s youngest member, Seohyun, do not get along well. When asked by the MC, “Which member do you not get along with in your group?”, Jessica answered, “Seohyun.” She went on to explain the reason, saying, “The foods we eat don’t match. The members really like snack foods and hamburgers. But Seohyun only eats vegetables she packed from home, goguma, or tomatoes.” Another reason Jessica gave was that Seohyun has the image of a model student, whereas she is more carefree, and has been since her time spent in the USA. In response to Jessica’s honest answer on how different she was to Seohyun, viewers commented, “Jessica is so cool”, “You two didn’t have a fight, did you?”, and “She’s honest”.

Jessica also mentioned one of Seohyun’s habits and Seohyun’s similarity to Super Junior’s Yesung elsewhere in the show. When the guests were asked the question, “’Is there a member who doesn’t fit you?”, Super Junior’s Sungmin answered, “Yesung”, explaining that “There are a lot of times where we have rehearsals in the morning, but he warms up his voice in the car. All the members are sleepy, but he sings high notes by himself.” Jessica then revealed that member Seohyun is like that too. She added, “She (Seohyun) plays the song we have to sing that day on repeat, and sings along to it. If the trip takes an hour and a half, she will listen to it the whole trip.” Fans who came across Seohyun’s and Yesung’s similarity responded, “Seohyun and Yesung are really hard workers”, “I burst out laughing during the part when Seohyun and Yesung’s similarities were revealed”, and “The members seem to be tired of it”.

Source: mydaily, MD Today
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