As a part of the promotions for their latest album, Girls’ Generation – TTS took to the stage on MBC’s live music program, “Show Champion”, with the songs “Twinkle” and “Baby Steps”.

For “Baby Steps”, the girls wore their hallmark dark purple outfits, a subtle color to fit the song’s gentle nature. Despite this, their performance was anything but subtle, as they kept up well with the song’s demanding notes and never appeared to falter.

For the more up-tempo “Twinkle”, the girls took a fun approach to their performance. They had a male announcer introduce them before they stepped out in light-blue toned outfits reminiscent of cabaret shows from the past. As usual, they livened up the stage with a high-energy performance.

To top off a good night for them, the girls also won this week’s “Champion Song”, selected through public online polls, votes from experts, and number of album sales.

Check out cuts of the performances below, as well as an encore after winning. Videos of the performance can be found in the thread here, and additional pictures can be found here.

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