The official Twitter account for the SM Entertainment documentary “I AM” has released the posters for the nine members of Girls’ Generation. “I AM” is a documentary that will showcase the artists of SM Entertainment with behind-the-scenes looks at their lives as trainees and stars at the entertainment company. The historic SM TOWN Live at Madison Square Garden concert will also be featured in the documentary. “I AM” will premier in May. The posters for the members of Girls’ Generation all have a word and phrase that define the character of each member. Check out all the posters below.

Have I…changed?


The 7 years I spent as a trainee swept by like a panorama


I’ve been called Sunny more times in the past 4 years than I’ve been called Soonkyu in 20 years! I’m happiest when I’m on stage


Always doing my best is my concept


I cried a lot because I didn’t like my audition performance


I did fall a lot, but in the end, I don’t give up


Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung is a hard worker. Choi Sooyoung is an ordinary youngest daughter who likes to play


The Yoona inside the TV hides a lot of things


It was difficult going down a different road from my friends

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