Hello, this is Seraph reporting in for another month. How is everybody doing? Is everyone getting ready for Jessica’s birthday? Are you being drowned in dramas and OSTs alike? Well, hopefully everything is going well. Anyways, let’s get started.

First up is DJ Ava. Having just been hired in March, she is the newest Radio DJ around. Ava is a fun-loving prankster and an open-minded individual with a voice that causes people to stop and listen. Much like the members of Girls’ Generation, she absolutely loves her listeners. Some of her listeners have started calling themselves “Avatars” much to her initial dismay, though she calls them by that name now. Of course, Ava has her own fair share of quirks. For example, she will probably spend a good five minutes just greeting her listeners at the beginning of her show. She is also quite prone to having technical failures throughout her show, whether it is her voice going robotic or Skype muting her guest’s audio and making it seem like Ava is talking to herself. Another quirk of Ava’s is that she likes to repeat words a lot, like a lot. However, Ava has some good content in her shows. When she isn’t dreaming about Tiffany in a not-so-innocent fashion, Ava will play games with her listeners. One of these games is a story game in which participants will add sentences to a topic given by Ava, but they have to remember all the sentences because they must repeat each sentence in chronological order before adding a new sentence. Of course, songs are played during the show, and you can submit requests by posting in her DJ thread. Be sure to check out DJ Ava’s fun shows on Wednesdays beginning at 12:00 AM KST.

DJ Ava’s favorite picture of her bias.

Next up is a strange but infinitely cute video that I found while browsing through Soshified. As a part of the celebration for Soshified’s anniversary in 2010, a group of staff members formed a group called “SSFTown”. The first single is called “Soshified is Just Awesome”. This was the result of a collaboration between staff members to give a small thank you present to Soshified members. However, just a small warning to all my readers, the genre of the song is listed under horror, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Don’t forget to leave comments about the video in their thread.

SSFTown’s first single.

If you’re bored and have a little bit of time to kill, head on over to the “Forum Games” section of Soshified, which can be found under “Perfect for You Fan Area” in the “Social Lounge”. There is a variety of games, so take your time to peruse the forum and find a game you like. It’s a pretty chill place, so drop off your worries at the door for a bit and take some time off. The “Members Vs. Staff” thread is always a fun, fast-paced thread, so be sure check it out.

Of course, everyone at Soshified is getting ready for Jessica’s birthday on April 18th, and to help celebrate, this last section will be dedicated to our warm-hearted “Ice Princess”. Just like every other member of Girls’ Generation, Jessica has her fair share of dorky moments or antics that has been well-documented by her adoring fans. Here’s a little collection from when she’s bullying the others to eating food while using her chopsticks in a strange fashion. Also, here are a few rare glimpses of her cute side. If you’re looking for pictures, then be sure to check out the thread dedicated to her gorgeous looks here. Also, remember to leave a short message for her birthday thread. As a little extra, here’s a video of Jessica’s OST “Because Tears are Overflowing” from “Romance Town”.

“Because Tears are Overflowing” while listening to Jessica’s beautiful voice.

It was pretty short this month, but I hope you all enjoyed it, and I’ll do my best to come back with a longer one next month when I’m not swamped with exams. See you all again soon.

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