On the 12th of March, SBS released yet another teaser for the highly anticipated drama, “Fashion King”. This short video gives us another small peek at Yuri’s acting and what the drama will be like. Similar to the previous teaser, Yuri only appears briefly, but viewers can already tell how good Yuri’s acting is. Check out the teaser below and remember to catch the first airing of the drama on the 19th of March!



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SBS has released another teaser of Yuri for “Fashion King”, which includes previews from the drama’s recent filming in New York. Though she appears only briefly, fans were stunned by her beautiful and sophisticated look. You can check out the teaser below.

SBS has also posted several new photos of Yuri and revealed several behind-the-scenes facts from the filming. After they filmed a scene in which Yuri just gets out of the shower, the staff members present stated that they were reminded of Audrey Hepburn, and commented, “I think we need to call her ‘Audrey Yuri’.” They also said, “As expected, anything Yuri does is like a photoshoot,” and, “It’s tough having to film all night, but I’m happy because Yuri’s here.”

Anticipation for Yuri’s first major role in a drama is continuing to build, and the first episode is set to air on March 19th.

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