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Which Girls’ Generation member first caught your eye or became your bias, and if it has changed, why?
-flo bear

MoonSoshi9 -Oppa

I will never forget the moment when I first watched the “Hoot” music video, and Sooyoung turned to the camera in that elevator with those big beautiful eyes and that smile. It was the very first exposure I had to Girls’ Generation, and Sooyoung immediately stood out. She was the first member who I could easily recognize and remember her name. I watched a video of her extremely crazy aegyo, and there was the scene from “Invincible Youth” where she was stuck in the chicken cage. I couldn’t stop laughing. Seeing that clip introduced me to “Invincible Youth”, and after I began watching it, Sunny quickly climbed to the top of my list. Nowadays people say I am Sunny biased (this may or may not be true…), but Sooyoung is always right there near the top.


If I remember correctly, the first member who caught my eye was actually Jessica. I think part of the reason was because the first photo I saw of Girls’ Generation was their “Tell Me Your Wish” teaser photos, and Jessica had really bright blonde hair. My first bias, and also my current bias, is Taeyeon. However, to be fair, Tiffany comes in really close behind, and she occasionally takes over the spot of my bias. She’s just too lovable and adorable and pretty.

If Girls’ Generation didn’t exist, what groups do you think the members would be in? Also, what is your favorite Girls’ Generation variety show, and if Girls’ Generation had a movie, what do you think it would be called?
– K.Y

MoonSoshi9 -Oppa

Since Soyeon of T-ara was close to being a Girls’ Generation member herself before she left, I could see a few members being with her in T-ara. Perhaps a ballad group would have formed with Taeyeon, Jessica, and Tiffany as well. That could be pretty interesting.

If I’m allowed to choose a show that does not feature every member, my favorite variety show would be “Invincible Youth” with Sunny and Yuri. Not even just a great variety show, it is a fantastic television show in general, and I credit it with introducing me to a lot of Korean culture. Sunny and Yuri were incredibly entertaining. Yuri’s kkab charms were a joy to watch, and it was really inspiring to see Sunny go from someone who was edited out in the beginning to the de facto star of the show by the time she left. If the show has to include all the members, I would pick “Hello Baby”. Watching the members care for Kyungsan and play games with each other and the daily dads was just plain fun. You get to see so many sides of the girls’ personalities and just how goofy and fun they are. My favorite scene was when Yoona and Jessica pranked everyone with the food they made. I was in tears with laughter during that whole part. From Yoona toying with Jessica with the cucumbers and Jessica’s incredible inability to cook anything whatsoever, to the girls’ reactions when they ate the salty kimbap, it was one of the most memorable times of the girls just being goofy girls.

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Let me see… If Girls’ Generation didn’t exist, I would think that Taeyeon, and maybe Jessica, would have become solo artists because they obviously have the potential to do so. The rest would probably have debuted under different groups, or maybe even as a group of seven. My favorite Girls’ Generation variety show…. would definitely have to be “Hello Baby”. We got to witness a whole new loving and caring side of the girls and even got to experience the girls’ dorkiness on a totally different level (Anyone remember “Bring the nipple!”?).

If Girls’ Generation had a movie, I think it might be called “Right Now, It’s Girls’ Generation.” It’s a pretty catchy title, and it’s adapted from the girls’ slogan which makes it meaningful. I would hope that the movie will include clips of the girls from pre-debut all the way up to their most recent practice video, and of course, contain lots of precious dorky moments.

1) What qualities do you think foreign fans love about Girls’ Generation?
2) What makes Girls Generation different from other American pop groups?
3) Which song of Girls’ Generation do you think should be on the English album?

MoonSoshi9 -Oppa

I think foreign fans love the girls’ personalities, both on stage and off. Whether they are goofing off during a fun performance or in super serious mode, they always put on an amazing show. Off stage, the girls always show so many sides of themselves that it is hard not to like them. They can make you laugh like on “Hello Baby” or they can make you cry like on “Star Life Theater”. They just have an indescribable way of drawing people in to experience things along with them. This kind of personality is really what separates them from American pop stars. American pop stars are detached and aloof. Girls’ Generation’s precise and practiced performance on stage is also quite unique compared to the American pop scene.

For the English album, I think they need to be modern and not rely on their older hits. The only two songs that I can think of that should be translated to English are “Time Machine” or “Let It Rain”. Those would be incredible.


I think what makes Girls’ Generation appeal so much to international fans is their uniqueness. The girls are very, very close to each other, and they even refer to each other as the “other eight sisters”. In my opinion, their bond, love and care for each and every one of their members makes it a touching moment for fans to witness. In the American pop culture, it’s pretty rare seeing such huge groups dance and sing in synchronisation, so I guess that’s one of the biggest difference. Another difference would be like what I mentioned above: their bond. The girls have been training together for nearly ten years, and that’s something which I don’t really see in American pop groups. Most of them get thrown together, release a few albums, squabble over differences and end up disbanding. I’m not saying that this doesn’t happen in K-Pop, but it happens on a much smaller scale. Take for example, legendary groups like Shinhwa and Fin.K.L. Even though they haven’t been promoting as a group for the past few years, they are still together, in a way, and Shinhwa is even releasing their tenth album soon.

Can’t I pick all the songs? If not…. Then I’d pick “How Great Is Your Love” or “Time Machine”. I definitely need to hear these two songs in English soon.

Many people say that the maknaes of idol groups are always disliked or bullied by the other members and feel the age gap. Do you think that Seohyun was ever disliked by the other members and who do you think takes care of her the most? 


MoonSoshi9 -Oppa

I wouldn’t call it “bullying” per se, but we’ve seen the girls pick on Seohyun a little bit during TV shows and interviews. For instance, during “Hello Baby” when they played the trick on her birthday to make her cry. It’s definitely loving affection toward Seohyun, though. She has a stubborn personality, which I’m sure has gotten on the other members’ nerves a few times, but I do not think for a second that Seohyun was ever disliked. She may have just required some more time to get used to is all. Whenever I see Seohyun and Taeyeon together, I get the feeling that they rely heavily on each other, which I think helps Seohyun out the most. Taeyeon’s dorky personality helps Seohyun lighten up a bit, but at the same time she shows the maknae strength and leadership.


I think that some of the members’ first impression of Seohyun might not have been positive. Seohyun’s character is really unique, and with such a headstrong personality, I would think that a few of the members might have gotten irritated at some points.  However, it’s pretty obvious that the girls are all very protective of their maknae now as they take turns to pamper her some way or another. Hmm…. maybe Hyoyeon or Tiffany? They seem pretty motherly.

Which live performance of any song of Girls’ Generation’s do you think is the most challenging or difficult to accomplish?

MoonSoshi9 -Oppa

“Into The New World” hands down. Even today I still have not seen choreography that is more demanding, not just from Girls’ Generation, but from any group. The song itself is actually quite difficult to sing, too. There are a lot of unorthodox chord transitions, and the key change up a whole step at the end just adds to the complexity of it, not to mention some range stretching notes by Taeyeon and Jessica. The fact that they still rock this song live just hard as they did when they debuted is amazing.


Definintely “Into The New World”. The choreography involves really fast transitions as well as quick and sharp moves. Not only that, they have the famous “high kick” too which I assume is really strenuous because they have to sing while doing that. And we definitely can’t forget Taeyeon and Jessica’s much-loved high notes.

Actually… I think “Bad Girl” seems like a really tiring song to perform too.


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