Hello and welcome to the fifth edition of “The Best of the Best”: a countdown of the best in Girls’ Generation music, CFs, and related media. While this time I went over the Top 5 Non-title tracks, you guys can tell me what you want to see next by voting in the poll at the end of the article. More votes are always better, so please tell me what you want! As for this edition, read through my explanation for each choice then leave your own opinions of the best non-title tracks in the comments section! I’ll leave a link to the respective song at the start of each explanation. Let’s start shall we?

5. Etude

Following the smash hit Genie on their second mini album, “Etude” certainly brings something both different and similar to the table. Reminding us of the cuter songs that the girls were known for in the past, it mixes a happy atmosphere with an upbeat tone and catchy rhythm. While I liked it a lot when the second mini album was first released, Etude  has really blended in with some of the girls’ other songs as the years have passed, not really showing its staying power. Its nostalgic value certainly makes it stand out on a mini-album which had a little bit of everything, but doesn’t make it too special on this countdown compared to the other unique tracks.

4. Destiny

“Destiny” brings a distinct electronic sound and is a track that is different from the rest of the songs on the “Gee” mini-album. The song definitely goes a step further by showing the variety and potential that the girls are capable of. While the song is fast paced, the bridge in the middle showcases the amazing vocals the group is known for, creating a perfect mix. The track has its set of advantages in terms of its sound and use of vocals, but lacks a special beat or catchy rhythm that could propel it higher on the countdown.

3. Oscar

“The Boys” was an album chock full of tracks that were more positive and very upbeat, so the few tracks that didn’t follow that trend and tried to be different stood out more for me. “Oscar” is a perfect example of a track that tried to do something unique and inevitably succeeded. The song starts off with a beat that signals it is far more darker and aggressive than many of the other happy-go-lucky songs that fill the album. The song does well in showing how the girls are growing from bubblegum pop to more mature fare. An addictive chorus which spells out the namesake of the song, coupled with a climax full of a deep electronic sound, make “Oscar” an electrifying track which surely deserves the number three place on our countdown.

2. I’m In Love With The HERO

“I’m In Love With The HERO” begins with a pulsating beat that is unlike anything you’ve ever heard; a repetitive string of words with a booming sound that blows you off your feet. The catchy beat seems to shift its tone at a breakneck pace but uses that swift rhythm to its utmost advantage by sounding crisp with each transition in the track. While electronic sounds and autotune do dominate what seems like most of the song, it doesn’t deteriorate the quality of it. The track selectively utilizes the girls’ full vocal power during key sections of the song, which creates an amazing mix with the song’s addictive beat. This song would be number one if not for the fact that the top song on this countdown does everything better, with more to boot.

1. you-aholic

Starting off with the words “psycho, sexy, super magic,” you know that this song is going to be something special. This song, at least to me, seems to implement a lot of English phrases into key parts of the track, especially into the build up of the chorus as well as the chorus itself, which goes from “I’m a you-aholic,” to “you’re the gin inside my tonic”; this gives a more modern feel to me and widens its appeal to international audiences. It has the perfect aspects of a hit song (if only it was promoted in some fashion besides their concert): it contains a beat that is nothing short of extremely catchy, a mix of phrases that are unique and easily repeatable (up to this day, “you-aholic” and the “gin inside my tonic” can be heard among SONES), and effectively showcases vocals that many of the girls’ more popular songs lack, by showing them singing at a fast pace during some parts of the track while letting them power through with their voices during the slower portions. A perfect mixture of the electronic sound that gave Girls’ Generation’s Japanese album its signature sound is present here, along with just about everything else you can ask for.


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