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1a) Which member’s way of mentoring do you like the most in “Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys”? Do you think that the boys will change for the better and stop smoking and cursing? If yes, how long do you think they will take to get rid of their bad habits?
b) Out of the five boys, who do you like and dislike the most? Why?
c) What do you think the members of Girls’ Generation were like in high school?


I like how Sunny uses her own experiences in life to show a good example for Sunghwan. For instance, when she explained her troubles being the niece of Lee Soo Man and her image in the group at the start, she felt burdened because of it.  But she received good advice to just be who she is and people will like her for who she is. I think out of all the boys, Sunghwan will probably turn out the best because of the experience, because it seems he just needs some positive reinforcement.  The other boys will benefit from the experience, and I think they will learn better habits, but I don’t see them making seriously drastic changes in their behavior, especially since a lot of the show involves them playing with the girls in hilarious situations. Yonghyun, who is no longer on the show, was the most troublesome, and I did not like him very much. It was clear he had serious personality issues that needed to be professionally dealt with. He constantly made excuses for his behavior and could not take responsibility for his actions, nor did he realize just how amazing his opportunity was, not only to receive therapy and help, but also to spend quality time with Girls’ Generation members. He was extremely ungrateful.

I would imagine Tiffany was really outgoing and popular with a lot of friends in high school. She is just really friendly and easy to talk to. Jessica probably slept through a few classes. The rest of the girls I think would be pretty good students too, especially Seohyun. Hyoyeon was the class clown, I am sure of it.


I don’t have a specific member who’s method I particularly like. I think that the girls each have their pros and cons when it comes to mentoring the boys. From what I’ve noticed, Taeyeon is more accepting and sympathetic towards Hoihoon while Seohyun is the go-getter. Tiffany is stricter with Kyungkyu while Sooyoung tries to use her aegyo to get him to do what is right, and Yuri is the firm one while Jessica is the fun one.

Honestly, I think that out of the five boys, only Jisoo, Hoihoon and Sunghwan might change. Sunghwan has obviously been putting in a lot of effort and I think that he has already corrected most of his bad habits. As for Jisoo and Hoihoon, I think that they’ll probably require a little more time to adjust. My favorite from the group would definitely be Hoihoon. He has an admirable attitude and he works hard because he knows that the girls and the production crew are there to help him better his future. Even though he breaks the rules occasionally, he owns up to it and apologizes. Most of all, Hoihoon actually corrects himself and makes an effort to not repeat the same mistake again in the future unlike some of the others. I think quite a few people will agree with me that Yonghyun is the least likable. He is always looking for excuses to cover up for himself, he constantly lies, he doesn’t look like he is putting in any effort to change and he doesn’t seem the least bit remorseful for his wrongdoings. Also, he apologizes for breaking a rule and goes ahead to break it again the next day, so that really ticks me off.

Excluding Seohyun, I think the girls were probably just like any of us. They might have slept in some classes, been late for school a few times or gotten scolded for not completing their homework. After all, they’re just human. As for Seohyun…she’s Seohyun so that explains everything.

2a) Which member of Girls’ Generation has the personality most simliar to your own?
b) Which member’s personality is the closest to that of your “ideal type”?


Sunny/Jessica I guess. Jessica is pretty quiet until something is interesting to her, and Sunny is laid back and witty. However, I do not possess Sunny’s cuteness. I think people would actually punch me.

Taeyeon’s ahjumma-like personality is appealing to me for some reason. She is just so dorky that I can’t help but laugh along with her. Her sense of humor is really similar to mine so I think we would get along pretty well. Taeyeon can pull off being sexy too, but it’s not overbearing, and she is fairly reserved outside of her goofy cute moments.  She has a classy personality, but at the same time she can still be silly, which is just awesome.


I think my personality would be a mix of Taeyeon, Jessica and Yoona’s. I love having fun and say the weirdest things sometimes so I guess that’s the dorky part in Taeyeon. Also, I don’t exactly have many goals (Seohyun’s worst nightmare!) and tend to just go with the flow. It’s not that I just do what my friends do, but I guess you could say I’m very flexible with things? Last of all, I share my love for jokes and pranks with Yoona. I joke around a lot and I’m hardly ever serious. Even when I do get angry, my anger probably lasts for a grand total of two minutes before I’m back to my joke-y self. As for the pranks I’ve pulled on my friends… I think it’s best if the stories stay among the writers.

Tiffany is definitely my ideal type (Ignore the fact that I’m a girl, alright? A girl can dream). She can be so dorky yet serious, cute yet sexy, and I think it’s her personality that draws me in the most. I love the fact that she has flaws too, because to me, it makes her so much more perfect. I sound like I’m in love now, don’t I? Gosh…


3) Which member do you think will continue to make it big in the K-Pop industry after the group goes their separate ways?


Taeyeon could probably, but she has spoken about how lonely she feels being on stage without her members, so I wonder if she would even want to. She is an extremely talented singer, so I hope she continues her career for a very long time. I feel like Sunny will also be an important person in K-Pop, but not necessarily for her singing. She has incredible stage presence and singing ability, but she can really do anything, so Sunny could be a future director/CEO or something like that. Yuri also has immense potential to be a solo superstar with her sexiness and charisma on stage. Hyoyeon could be a really amazing choreographer later as well. All the members can be big in K-Pop as individuals, but it does not necessarily mean they have to be solo stage acts to be important to the industry.


I think a lot of people will agree with me that Taeyeon will definitely have an explosive solo career. Her voice can do wonders and she has a lovable personality. Some singers only have voices that are compatible with limited genres, but Taeyeon seems to be able to sing anything. She has sung ballads which have caused people like me to cry, ripped the stage apart with her vocals in “Devil’s Cry”, as well as entertained middle-aged crowds with trot songs. Apart from Taeyeon, I think Yoona will have a successful acting career. Perhaps Sooyoung will become a show host too for all we know…


4a) If the nine girls had super powers, what power do you think they would possess?
b) What super power would you give to your favorite member from Girls’ Generation?


Taeyeon- Can hypnotize a room of people with her voice
Jessica- Dolphin scream that stops everyone in their tracks and disorients them
Sunny- Blinds people like the sun with her bright smile
Tiffany- Buns of steel, literally, like a backwards Juggernaut from X-men
Hyoyeon- Causes tremors in the ground with her powerful dance
Yuri- Indestructible because of her rock hard body
Sooyoung- Ability to stretch her limbs like rubber, because she is so tall
Yoona- Can open her mouth wide to eat things and gain their powers like Kirby the Nintendo character
Seohyun- Can fly because she has angel wings

The girls should get the ability to teleport. That way they don’t have to worry about jet lag with all the traveling they do!



My opinion would be:

Taeyeon- X-Ray vision (For the pervert inside of her)
Jessica- Bipolar personality (A bit like Phoenix/Jean Grey from X-men)
Sunny- Ability to look into the future
Tiffany- Ability to stun people (Eyesmile!)
Hyoyeon- Ability to fly
Yuri- Ability to breathe underwater (Yul-Mermaid, anyone?)
Sooyoung- Ability to persuade people (She has excellent speaking skills)
Yoona- Inhuman strength
Seohyun- Eidetic memory (though I think she already has this…)

I think the girls would thank me if they could have the ability to communicate with each other at will through their minds. That makes everything very convenient as they can talk to each other whenever they want to even if they were on different continents, and they can still get the privacy they want.

5) What do you guys think of Girls’ Generation moving out from the K-Pop genre?


I think they are already doing this somewhat with “The Boys”. It is a very unique song in K-Pop since it’s not a hook song like “Gee” or the songs many other groups are doing right now. Rather than them moving out of the genre, I think Girls’ Generation is acting as a pioneer, helping K-Pop to evolve and keep from becoming stale and repetitive. The fact that “The Boys” was so successful is a huge testament to Girls’ Generation being the de facto leader of K-Pop, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a shift in musical trends this year to follow some of the groundwork they have laid for new sounds, especially as more and more artists try to move westward.


Well, the term “K-Pop genre” is pretty vague, but i’ll take it that you’re referring to K-Pop as hook songs sung by idol groups. I think that with this third album, Girls’ Generation has already started to venture out from using hook songs. For example, “The Boys” doesn’t have a repetitive chorus like “Gee” or “Run Devil Run” and it has a unique beat. Songs like “Oscar” and “Top Secret” were pretty different from the usual K-Pop songs too, especially in “Oscar”, because the song has a very dark theme. Personally, I’m loving this transition from typical K-pop to unique rhythms and beats.

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