Yoona, a member of Girls’ Generation, who is the leading force of K-Pop, has been appointed an honorary ambassador for Joong-gu, Seoul.

On January 9th, Mayor Choi Changsik presented Yoona with an official certificate of appointment in the press office, making her Joong-gu’s endorser. Mayor Choi Changsik said “I am overjoyed that a busy Hallyu star like Yoona accepted the position for Joong-gu. We have brought the greatest star to promote what is fittingly the heart of Seoul,” before leading the applause. Yoona said upon acceptance of her certificate, “I am grateful to be appointed an ambassador of Joong-gu, the center of Korea’s top tourist destination, Seoul. I have heard that Joong-gu will be creating a street dedicated to Hallyu stars and I hope to visit with all of the Girls’ Generation members. As honorary ambassador, I will work hard to promote the beauty of Joong-gu, where tradition and modernity coexist, far and wide.”

For the next year, Yoona will be charged with the duties of promoting the top tourist destinations of Myeongdong, Namdaemun, Bukchangdong, Dongdaemun fashion district and other popular attractions of Joong-gu as well as specialist local businesses.

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Source: http://www.hg-times.com
Translated by: oniontaker@soshified
Edited by: letaengbutt@soshified

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