JCE’s most famous sports games, “Freestyle”, “Freestyle Football”, and “Freestyle 2”, were all brought together for the “Freestyle Sports” brand.  After choosing Korea’s greatest girl group Girls’ Generation as their main model for the brand, they have quickly gained attention.

“Freestyle Sports” updated the games with Girls’ Generation characters – “Freestyle” with Tiffany, Yuri, and Sooyoung, “Freestyle Football” with Sunny, Yoona, and Seohyun, and “Freestyle 2” with Taeyeon, Jessica, and Hyoyeon characters.

They held an event for all three games simultaneously, distributing one free Girls’ Generation character to users.  At another event, limited posters and Girls’ Generation packages were given away on a first-come-first-serve basis.

So how do the main models, Girls’ Generation, feel about the sports game?  In this interview, we listened to their feelings, future plans, and resolutions.

-How do you feel about becoming the main models for “Freestyle Sports”?

We were able to meet with everyone through “Freestyle Sports” this winter.  Basketball and soccer are all sports that are popular in Korea.  We are well aware of other girl groups participating in “Freestyle” and “Freestyle Football”.  We have also heard that we are the first girl group to work with the newly released “Freestyle 2”.  We’re happy about the meaningful opportunity to become the first girl group to have characters for “Freestyle 2”.  Our hearts flutter just imagining that Girls’ Generation will be shown doing difficult dunks, making three-pointers, and making volley shots.

-Three members were divided as models for each game.  Was there a certain criteria?

While working with “Freestyle Sports”, we each had one keyword that we had to express.  Yoona’s was “challenge”, Sooyoung’s was “delight”, Yuri’s was “competition”, Hyoyeon and Jessica had “match/showdown”, Taeyeon and Sunny’s was “passion”, and Tiffany and Seohyun’s was “victory”. We first divided the members by the keywords that would match well with each other.  Three member characters have been divided for each game right now, but users should be able to see all nine members for each game soon.

-Was there anything interesting that happened during the Freestyle Sports CF shoot?

Ah!  There was a member who found an unexpected talent while filming!  There were a lot of scenes where members had to throw basketballs and kick soccer balls during the “Freestyle Sports” shoot. Of them, the member who left an impression was Jessica.  It was a scene where Jessica had to shoot a three-pointer past Hyoyeon’s defense.  At first, the way she was holding the ball was awkward. However, after shooting a few times, she was surprisingly really good.  It was to the point where we were saying we found Jessica’s unexpected, hidden basketball skills through this CF filming.  The atmosphere was great, with the staff members cheering every time she made a shot.

-Have you played the game?

We don’t have a lot of time to spend alone when preparing for promotions or an album. It’s difficult finding time for a hobby other than dancing or vocal practice.  There are members who played games in the past, so we do have a bit of interest in them.  We like casual games in particular.  “Freestyle”, “Freestyle Football”, “Freestyle 2” are games that we have heard a lot about, but haven’t been able to play ourselves.  We did see staff playing during the CF shoot, and it looked really fun.  Since it is a sports game where you have to split into teams, it would be really fun for our competitive members.

-Any promotional plans as models for Freestyle Sports?

Because we are models for “Freestyle Sports”, gamers will be able to see us in the “Freestyle” series every day.  We will also meet users through television ads and through online and offline contests. Please give Girls’ Generation characters in the “Freestyle” series lots and lots of love!

-Any future Girls’ Generation’s activities or plans?

We had a happy ending to the year with all the love shown for our third album, “The Boys”, in and outside of Korea.  We will be juggling concerts overseas as well as members’ individual activities with music, dramas, musicals and variety shows.  Fans will be able to see a dynamic Girls’ Generation.

-Lastly, a word as Freestyle’s models.

(Yuri) “Hello, this is Girls’ Generation’s Yuri.  Look at me flying around the basketball court in ‘Freestyle’!”

(Sooyoung) “Hello, this is Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung.  Pick my Sooyoung character a lot!”

(Tiffany) “Hello, this is Tiffany. Did you hear that us nine members of Girls’ Generation have fallen deeply for basketball and soccer this winter?  Give ‘Freestyle Sports’, where our characters will appear, lots of love.  And please give my Tiffany character lots of love!”

(Sunny) “Hello, this is Sunny!  A cute Sunny character appears in ‘Freestyle Sports’!  Are you ready to be surprised?  Look forward to the bouncy play of Sunny that you can’t see on stage!”

(Seohyun) “Hello, this is Girls’ Generation’s maknae, Seohyun.  Have you seen the Seohyun character that’s like myself – enjoying challenges?  Spend a happy winter with ‘Freestyle Sports’ and Girls’ Generation!”

(Yoona) “Hello, this is Girls’ Generation’s Yoona.  I am planning on showing a fast, quick and hidden new charm through ‘Freestyle Sports’!  Look forward to it!”

(Taeyeon) “Hello, this is Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon.  I hope you choose the Taeyeon character a lot and have fun playing.  Even though it’s a small, petite character, it’s still a skilled character!  Give it lots of love.”

(Hyoyeon) “Love the ‘Freestyle’ series a lot, which is fun even just watching.  Give the Hyoyeon character lots of love, too!”

(Jessica) “What do you think about meeting me everyday this winter through ‘Freestyle Sports’?  I will be showing my haughty plays through ‘Freestyle 2’.  Look forward to it.”

Source: IT Maeil
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: taengsoshi@soshified, SeraphKY@soshified, bhost909@soshified

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