(Yuri at the Salvatore Ferragamo event)


It’s that time of year again – not Christmas quite yet, but close enough for us SONEs. Today is our very own Kwon Yuri’s 22nd birthday! Here at Soshified, we all wish her a happy birthday, hope that she enjoys it with loved ones, and will have many more to come.

Where should we start on why we love her? Yuri started off being called the “Black Pearl” – attributing to her tan, dark (well, darker than the other girls, at least) skin and “pearly” features. While the other girls had “milky white” skin, she was the chocolate milk of the group, already standing out a bit from everyone else. She also struts her stuff, and dances as only fitting for one of the group’s lead dancers.



 (Yuri’s sexy photospread for Cosmopolitan magazine)


But one of the most striking things about Yuri is not her on-stage image. Instead, it’s her personality off-camera that has captured fans so much. While she shows off her curvy body and dance moves during performances, her real personality leaves many in a state of pleasant, giggly surprise. She is one of the most notorious pranksters in the group. From tying all the girls’ shoelaces together and running away, or helping accomplice Yoona plant whoopee cushions under unsuspecting chairs, she’s done it all. She has prank-called Sunny during her broadcast, played off forgetting lyrics by smiling and nodding, and planted fake rats in trashcans. On top of her pranks, she also has a certain charm about her. She talks to herself when she’s angry, makes lists when she’s arguing with others and debates each point, and sleeps with her tongue sticking out.



(Yuri snoozing away on Invincible Youth)


All of this help SONEs think of Yuri as a genuine person. She’s not just performer Yuri, the “Black Pearl” dancer who captures hearts and eyes, but real, awesome person Yuri, who appeals to fans offstage. Her personality can be described as downright silly, but she is certainly serious at times. The girl manages to juggle stressful idol life with her theater arts major at Chung Ang University, and even her professors comment on her hard work. As fans, we all love and appreciate all sides of Yuri, because we know she’s an amazing performer, hard worker, and great person. We love how she can pull off the pretty-boy look in a suit, pitch a mean side-arm, steal baby formula from Kyungsan, and is a “perfect type-AB”. We agree when Lee Hyori said that Yuri would be a successful solo artist, though we knew it already. SONEs love Yuri not because of any single thing. We love her because she is an all-around, crazy fun, down-to-earth, adorable yet sexy paragon of an idol.

She once was a rookie. We all remember when she was trying to find her image and persona. Maybe she found that she didn’t need a persona and instead just needed to be herself. She is (according to various psychologists) the happiest member of Girls’ Generation, and her constant smiling and need for entertainment do attest to that. Whether she’s busy learning new dance moves (or forgetting them), exercising religiously to keep that figure in shape, or grinding ma in the early mornings to nourish her body, she gives it her genuine 100% effort. But more importantly, she gives Girls’ Generation something they appreciate and need in their busy schedules: a friendly, devious smile soon to be followed by a joke or prank.


(Yuri backstage during Genie promotions)


So on this day, we just want to wish a truly happy, happy birthday to Yuri, the girl whom we watched grow into a woman while never losing her inner child. We want her to know we are proud of her work, love her for who she is, and hope she never loses her smile. So for now, happy 22nd Kwon Yuri. You deserve it.



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