Welcome back to Part 2 of our December 2011 edition of Soshified Spotlight, the longest continuously running column here on Soshified.

Just like every other month, we’re once again highlighting a regular member in Part 1, and a Soshified staff member in Part 2.

In Part 1 you read about Clarity~, a fanfic writer from Malaysia. In this part, you’re going to read about unknowntoyou, or Katrina, a moderator from the Philippines. Like many other longtime members, Katrina came to Soshified through Soy’s colorful links that she used to post on Soompi. She eventually became a moderator in the forums, specializing in her bias Sooyoung as well as the SoShi Pairing threads. She also enjoys many other things, with which she goes into a bit more detail.


What is your first name?


How did you find out about Soshified and why did you decide to join?

-I remember I saw people posting ssf links that time at soompi and I ignored it. haha After a week, Soy posted a banner and I was instantly hooked with the colors [the forum]. haha. Good thing, I signed up and here I am!

How did you come up with your screen name?

-pretty lame. haha. I just wanted to be unknown to others, so unknowntoyou. a ssf friend teased me after we met “personally” “you’re not unknown anymore” XD

Where are you originally from, and where do you currently reside (city and country for both)?

-I was born and raised in Philippines. Davao in Mindanao. Southeastern part of the country. ^^

If we were visiting you where you live for one day, where would you take us? Why are these places so significant?

-I would take you guys to Cagayan de Oro city for awesome river rafting/tubing; Surigao for surfing enthusiast and their Enchanted River. I guess I just love nature trips.

What is the best nature trip you’ve ever taken, and what made it so?

Mountain Trekking at Mount Apo. It allowed me to interact more with Mother Nature and I saw Rafflesia. I remember being completely happy that time.

Tell us a little about your life. What do you do full time and in your free time?

-Currently, I’m working in a government agency as a Human Resource Officer.
Free time is spent spazzing on SNSD, Sooyoung, Super Junior, KyuHae and Harry Potter, forum duties, nature trips, food trips and sleeping…

What’s the most interesting thing about you and/or that has ever happened to you?

-Not a lot of interesting things has happened in my life though [but will add] except joining soshified and my other fandom forum because my real life friends now are my online friends way back. I’m just really thankful I met them because they’re awesome and fun to hang out with.

For people who are first meeting you (like most of us), how would you describe yourself?

-I initiate conversation and will be talkative if Im comfortable enough with the person. They say I’m friendly. They think I am bit weird and crazy too, because sometimes I have this you called “own little world”.

What do you do that makes people think you’re crazy or in your own little world?

I say or ask random things and I do stuff like this, again randomly:


Tell us some things that most people don’t know about you that you think they should.

-I have kind of an odd fear, which is althaiophobia. please dont laugh at me. >.< I've been dealing with this since high school. I cant stand those fluffy squishy white thing. :/

What is althaiophobia, and how did it come about?

Althaiophobia is fear of marshmallow. My mom and I ate ice cream w/ marshmallows that time and something wrong happened, after that I really cant stand seeing or the smell or tasting marshmallows.

Is there anything big in your life that you’re working on? (This can be related to school, career, hobbies, family,friends, etc.)

-Saving a lot for out of the country trips and sj/snsd concert and my FUTURE. Well that’s big.

What do you plan on doing in the future?

to travel. start my own business or pursuing a Fine Arts degree.

What are your interests outside of Girls’ Generation?

-Animes. Basketball. Jdramas. Arashi. Super Junior. sMTown? Drawing. Nature trips. HARRY POTTER. Walking Dead. Horror Movies.

How did you first become a fan of Girls’ Generation?

-watching Chunji that time and saw this girl doing aegyo with Sungmin and I was like they look good together. Searched up for her name and was linked up to the article about female super junior, sica dating sj members and their predebut pics and I was hooked up just like that and the rest is history!

Was that girl in Chunji Sooyoung or Sunny? What exactly was she doing that made you want to look her up?

Sooyoung. Doing aegyo, kidding. I thought Sooyoung and Sungmin was pretty cute as a couple/pair that time. HAHA. And as I watched more of their Chunji vids, i sawa violent, bully, adorable shikshin. That’s why I like her the moment I saw her jokingly punched Sungmin. Girl power right at that moment. XD

Who is your favorite member and why?

-I do love all 9 but I don’t deny favouring Sooyoung more. I sometimes see myself on her – eating without gaining weight (although im gaining weight right now :/), bully, violent and being loud and boyish. I just love her personality.

What is your favorite Girls’ Generation song and MV and why?

-It will always be Into the New World(song n mv) and Complete(song). It always bring back their debut days.

What is your favorite Girls’ Generation moment and why?

-The Mubank 9th win (for Gee) and the GDA (Golden Disk Award). It was so touching and I’m so happy that they got the award.
It made me very proud as a Sone knowing that they’ve been through a lot of hardships. Their bonding moments too.

How has Girls’ Generation impacted your life, in specific areas or even as a whole?

-PRETTY BIG! One of my inspirations. I’ve been saving just to see them live and not to say sleep deprived. HAHA. Thanks to Girls Generation because I’ve met a lot of amazing people and some of them are my friends now.

What do you like most about Soshified, and why? Any section in particular you’re attracted to?

-The people. The Soshified family. The forum.
I just have to give nth times clap and thumbs up for the hard work that our subbing team does to get videos subbed and released it quickly. ^^

Why did you decide to join the Soshified staff, and why the particular job you have now?

that time, Marj/Diane told me to give it a try and I’m really glad I accepted the offer. It was really nice, I could help out the other staff catching spammers and cleaning/sorting threads and such.

What exactly do you do? Do you enjoy this position? What do you like about it?

Moderating Sooyoung/Soshi Pairing thread, catching rule violators, helping soshified members to their queries, etc. It feels nice to help out members, knowing that you’ve done the best to help them.

What is your favorite project that you’ve ever been involved in?

I wasnt directly involved in the projects but I say the Scavenger Hunt game and those gifts projects. It was pretty cool and more cool when you see the girls using the gifts. ^^

Any interesting experiences when interacting with members?

haha. I dont think this is interesting but funny experience was they always mistook me as a guy because of my moniker and their schock replies afterwards. XD

Is there anything else about you that you would like to add?

Thank you so much Soshified for everything. and Merry Christmas!

Thanks you for the interview/opportunity/chance to be in the Soshified Spotlight. Thank you also to the person who nominated me, whoeveryouare.

Huge thanks goes out to Katrina for participating in Soshified Spotlight this month. As usual, you can submit nominations for future Soshified Spotlights if you’d like to participate or if you’d like to get to know a fellow member better. Instructions on how to do so can be viewed at the Soshified Spotlight Solicitation announcement.

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