Fans could not hide their surprise at Seohyun’s voluptuous figure.

On the 29th of November, Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun attended the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Singapore with her other members. During the red carpet event, the nine members of Girls’ Generation showed off their beautiful figures wearing dresses rather than their stage outfits.

Out of all of them, the youngest member Seohyun’s dress captured fans’ attentions. On this day, Seohyun was the only one wearing a long dress, seeming a bit unexpected. The other Girls’ Generation members either wore dresses that had waterfall-like full ends or pink-toned mini dresses, giving off a cute vibe. However, Seohyun’s long dress showed off an elegant charm.

Along with her dress, Seohyun’s red carpet attitude garnered attention. During their entire red carpet ceremony, she held her hand to where her chest line was. As the tube-top design cut deep into her chest’s “v-line”, it seemed Seohyun was uncomfortable, as she is known for living a proper life.

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On Girls’ Generation’s MAMA red carpet look, fashion experts stated, “It was like Girls’ Generation. It was as if 9 princesses from medieval times gathered in one place and showed off their beauty. Their waterfall-like dress ends, mini dresses, and tube-top designs all appealed to the eyes equally. Their moderate makeup was also appropriate. Their dresses were satisfactory enough, even without other accessories.”

Also, on Seohyun’s dress they stated, “She was the only one amongst Girls’ Generation members who wore a long dress. Her long hair and long dress were harmonious, and an elegant feminine beauty was expressed. Even though she is the youngest member, Seohyun has a mature appearance. That could be seen through this red carpet event.”

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