There is no such thing as the perfect being.  It would be foolish to waste one’s time searching for perfection.  It simply doesn’t exist.  Every creature living on Earth has flaws and weaknesses.  It is a matter of how we deal with our imperfections that allows us to thrive in this world.

Some call them nine angels.  Others rave about nine goddesses.  Their beauty is mesmerizing, and their voices resonate like distant church bells on a sunny spring day.  When light shines upon them, these girls seem to glow.  When they look our way, their gazes force our hearts to skip a beat.  We momentarily forget to breathe.

We love these nine girls.  They are the idols who captivate us with their harmonious voices and fluid dance motions.  However, those who have immersed themselves into the fandom for a prolonged period of time know that we don’t simply adore these girls because they are good entertainers.  Sure, they are all very talented and professional, but the cheerful, dorky and carefree side of Girls’ Generation is what compels us to stay and support them.  Through their laughter, smiles and supportive nature, we are inspired and encouraged.  These girls are constantly giving us hope.  They are reaching out to us through simple gestures to tell us that it is okay to make mistakes, that it is okay to be yourself.

They are not perfect, but they are hard working.  They make mistakes.   That certainly is what makes them real, in the sense that they do not sway from reality.  Girls’ Generation has the magical power to make nations scream like crazy fangirls.   But despite the fame, fans from all over the world are still able to relate to the girls in one way or another.  This is what makes this fandom so special.  It brings connection.  As we laugh with them on variety shows and feel our hearts swell up in pride as they win awards, SONEs realize that they are not so different from Girls’ Generation themselves.  Just because the girls are very famous doesn’t make them inhuman all of a sudden.  Even though they are extremely professional on stage, they are really nothing more than normal beings like you and I.  This is the amazing part about Girls’ Generation.  They know that they are recognized all over the world, but this didn’t force even one of the girls to change who they are.  Four years later, these nine girls are still dorks.  Four years later, each member of Girls’ Generation is still who they were from the start.  They still laugh too loud on stage and zone out when people are talking to them.  They are still acting their age and living life at its fullest.  Popularity didn’t compel any of the nine to change into someone they are not.  Fame means nothing if we lose sight of who we are.

A question that has probably been repeated in our minds at least a few times: Why Girls’ Generation?  What makes this fandom so unique and special?  What captivates the fans?  Sure we can say that these nine girls are extremely talented and amazing entertainers, but that doesn’t stray from the norm.  What makes them so loveable is the fact that they are real.  They are people that fans can easily relate to because they are just like us.  However, when these girls sing and dance, it feels like SONEs are being placed under a spell.  It is as if we are in the process of taking part in something phenomenal.  But, when the music stops and we watch the girls interact with each other, realization dawns upon us that they can goof around and crack jokes just like we do in our everyday lives.  This is one of the many joys a SONE is able to uncover as we immerse ourselves deeper within this fandom.  Many people from all over the world regard Girls’ Generation as role models.  They are teachers who inspire us to do good things and to be thankful for the life we have.  Their polite manners, funny jokes and tight-knit family are things that are not completely out of our reach.  In the end, these nine girls are simply people we can aspire to be like.  We take their good qualities and learn from their mistakes because no one is perfect.  SONEs like Girls’ Generation because they are wonderful entertainers, but we love them even more because of who they are behind the scenes: human.

That is the message that Girls’ Generation wishes to convey.  They do not want us to think that they are perfect.  Remember, perfection does not exist.  In fact, these girls are just as flawed as you and me and everyone around us.  On stage, each girl has forgotten her lines, danced the wrong moves and been in the wrong spot.  However, this just proves that they are human.  When they laugh at each other’s mistakes and joke about them, we are taught that mistakes aren’t anything to be ashamed of.  Girls’ Generation wants to tell their fans that no one is perfect and things go wrong.  Mistakes are inevitable, but what’s important is that we have the confidence and strength to accept and learn from them.  And where did the girls acquire all this from?  Confidence is not something that a person is born with.  No, it grows and flowers as it is nurtured by the people around us.  When Girls’ Generation stands in a circle holding hands, when they embrace one another and support each other in any imaginable situation, this is when confidence flourishes.  It feeds off the positive energy radiating from every member and in turn, inspires them to work harder and never give up.  By outwardly showing their caring nature, Girls’ Generation is able to establish a sense of self-belief that inspires people all around them.  It begins within the SoShibond as a light bestowed deep inside the hearts of each girl.  Then as this seed grows, it is projected towards every SONE, encouraging us to have the strength to work hard in order to accomplish anything that we desire.  So it is not a wonder that the adoration and thankfulness Girls’ Generation gives to SONEs is so easily reciprocated.  In the end, we are just a big community on a journey to helping one another become better people.

Maybe it’s a good thing that perfection does not exist.  It gives us a chance to embark on a lifelong journey for self-discovery.  Through trial and error and various mistakes, we are slowly finding ourselves.  Through Girls’ Generation, I know I have certainly found pieces of myself, and I have learned to accept things about myself.  These nine girls don’t ever have to say it straightforwardly.  They don’t even have to speak directly to me, but by simply watching them and sharing their joys has allowed me to discover a fraction of my raison d’être.  They have given me a reason to smile.  They taught me to look out for others around me, and be thankful for every little thing that has happened in life—for better or for worse.  Because when I see these nine girls shedding tears of joy or sadness, when I see them chastising one another and then group hugging, I know all that I have invested into Girls’ Generation is worth it.  By continuing to support this fandom, I know that Girls’ Generation will never stop fueling me with their hopeful light: a light that gives me the strength to fulfill my dreams, guiding me to never lose sight of who I am because living as someone else just isn’t worth it, especially when life is short.

Hurry, the moment is fleeting.  We are only human after all.

Written by: FrozenArctic@soshified
Edited by: taengsoshi@soshified, residentbenchwarmer@soshified, bhost909@soshified

Images courtesy of: Heavenly forest,, Tiffany gallery, Soshirang, SM Entertainment, van sosd

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