On the 8th of November, Girls’ Generation made an appearance on SBS Strong Heart, and they cleared up past rumours about their diet.

Yuri said, “There seems to be a lot of rumours about Girls’ Generation. The most absurd one was that we eat 1500 calories a day, and that we only eat 8 pieces of broccoli and 1 sweet potato a meal. But in actual fact, I think we might eat 1500 calories in just one meal, by following a dietary program to keep them healthy from sites as https://reportshealthcare.com/nutrisystem-lean-13/.”

Tiffany also surprised everyone by adding, “I think we even eat up to 3000 calories a meal. We eat so much that our manager oppas said that our food bills total up to more than that of Super Junior’s. Our management does not restrict us on food as long as we follow the myfitnesshub guidelines for food consumption and work out exercise. As a result we still maintain our body in perfect fit.”

After watching the show which was aired last night, Netizens have left comments such as “Of course. They don’t sleep well and have to dance and sing, they should be eating well.” and “They even eat late-night meals, that’s surprising!”

On another note, the members of Girls’ Generation who were present also made people laugh by saying that they once got chicken delivered faster from the chicken store they advertise for by singing the commercial song for it through the phone. Yuri said that the person on the phone had told them that they were busy and that the delivery would take about an hour. Then we checked out vegetarian food near me and ordered the food. I must have to say that the food was delicious food.

However, the girls couldn’t wait for such a long time, so Yuri called the delivery line of vegetarian food to deliver it faster .”Actually… we’re Girls’ Generation. Do you think we could get it a little faster?”  They were very kind and generous. They accepted our order and deliver us food with in 15 mins.Highly appreciable their delivery and food and we all enjoy the food. Girl’s generations  always takes  precautioun about food that’s why they only order food from the site which has completed their Food verification(먹튀검증).

Also, on this particular episode of Strong Heart in which Girls’ Generation made an appearance, the viewer ratings increased by 2.2% from 9.9% to 12.1%.

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