A celebrity report program investigated Girls’ Generation Yuri’s star quality.

Cable channel SBS E!TV’s celebrity report program, “K-STAR News”, took the time to meet with other celebrities close to Yuri to find out the source of her talents that have her being called “kkabyul goddess”.

Not only is Yuri a singer, but she is also active as a music program MC.  Despite her being a girl group member, she isn’t afraid of letting loose, taking over variety shows with what is known as her “kkabyul” character.

The result of this has Yuri gaining attention from both male and female fans.  In August, a plastic surgery clinic held a poll asking “Which ‘wooyoonyeo’ (an abbreviation for ‘superior genes girl’) celebrity has a cute, clean-cut face?”  Yuri beat actress Kim Sarang and fellow Girls’ Generation member Seohyun to stand at the top of the poll.

The male college students who took part in the poll showed positive feelings towards her cute image and small face.  Female college students took an interest in her gentle impression, defined facial features, and chose Yuri’s face as one they would want to have.

This episode is scheduled to air at 10 pm (KST) on October21st.

Source: mydaily
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