Taeyeon, one of the members of the national and continental stars, Girls’ Generation, has captured the public’s attention with her chic airport fashion.

With many national idols diversifying into international promotions, viewing airport fashion has become a common trend. Taeyeon, en route to Taiwan for a concert on the 9th of September, was of no exception as a fashionista in showing a style which she pulled of effortlessly.

Taeyeon matched a white printed tee with shorts and highlighted her outfit with a military-inspired jacket, completing a look that looks both comfortable as it does bold.

Her jacket, a piece with luxurious gold chain lining, is from the new contemporary brand, Lewitt. The unique design of the jacket, its short length and complementary lines, gives a rare feminine edge to the khaki-military style.

Netizens reacted by commenting “a true fashionista, she looks comfortable and bold”, “please let me know where I can purchase this” and “Girls’ Generation airport fashion is always stylish”


Source:  www.hankyung.com
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