On the 6th of September, the Salvatore Ferragamo 2011 Autumn/Winter fashion show was held at the Seoul W Walker Hill Hotel.

First generation girl group Finkl’s member, now turned actress, Sung Yuri, and highly popular Girls’ Generation’s Yuri attended the fashion show, making it a star-studded event. Along with having the same names, they garnered attention for appearing in different fashion styles very unlike their innocent, cute image often portrayed on television. They captured the attention of fans by showing a sexy, glamorous look, as well as a chic, mannish look in black and white. Let’s take a deeper look at their newly attempted fashion styles.

Sung Yuri, sexy with an exposed back fashion

Ever since she has been a Finkl member, Sung Yuri earned much love for her innocent, cute image. Even after time passed and Sung Yuri grew into an actress, she is one celebrity that is known for looking young with her white skin and distinct features. But, it might have been her wanting to let go of that image because she howed off her sexy side with a brave exposed fashion, much unlike what she’s shown on various dramas and other events. Sung Yuri showed off a sexy and glamorous look with her white halter neck sleeveless, which was emphasised with spangles. Her black, straight pants puts more focus on her shirt.

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri turned up in a slightly mannish, black suit.

As a member of Girls’ Generation, Yuri has shown the ‘disappearing pants’ fashion, showing off her long, tight legs as well as her slim waist, along with sequined jump suits. However, at the fashion show, Yuri wore a black, suede-material suit, giving off a masculine feeling. Rather than giving off a showy, cheerful feel, putting more emphasis on feminine beauty, Yuri gave off a more boyish feel with white and black, and her bold belt and jewellery, along with other accessories, added onto her chic appeal.


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