After rumours of Girls’ Generation postponing their album release dates started to circulate on the internet, SM Entertainment has finally released an official announcement with regards to the matter.

Girls’ Generation was originally planning on releasing the audio for their title song, “The Boys” in both Korean and English on the 4th of October. This release was scheduled not only to be in Korea, but across various Asian music sites, as well as a worldwide release through iTunes in the United States and Europe. After which, Girls’ Generation was planning on releasing their official 3rd album in Korea on the 5th of October.

However, at 10.20PM on the 30th of September, SM Entertainment released a statement confirming the postponement of Girls’ Generation’s 3rd album release date. A representative revealed, “It has been decided that Girls’ Generation will be releasing a US album. In order to reinforce the plans of having a worldwide release of “The Boys”, we are planning on changing the release dates of the album in Korea as well. Further details about our decision will be announced when they are confirmed.”

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