Out of all the celebrity models in game advertisements, netizens voted that girl group Girls’ Generation was the most memorable.

Game community site, “DC Games”, held a poll from the August 29th to September 5th asking, “Which celebrity was the most memorable game advertisement model?” where Girls’ Generation stood at number one.

Out of the total 4,136 votes, Girls’ Generation received the majority, with 2,807 (67.9%) of the votes. It was judged that they fit the cute characters inside the 2008 Nexon MMORPG, “Mabinogi”. Tiffany, in particular, was able to gain the love of many fans after appearing as the Mabinogi character in the music video. In the music video, she showed a cute image, much like the game character, with the fantasy setting as the video’s background.


Source: morningnews.co.kr
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