On the 8th of August, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona will be heading to Los Angeles, United States to rock-climb at a famous mountain region for an outdoor brand photoshoot.

Since the rock-climbing scene will not be ‘for show’ but the real act, Yoona, in addition to her busy schedule has been practicing for almost a month at an indoor rock-climbing facility in Seoul. Recently, on the 18th of July, Girls’ Generation completed their Japan Arena Tour in Fukuoka and they were given a short vacation. Yoona, instead of taking a break from her schedule, practiced rock-climbing.

She and her photoshoot partner, actor Lee Minho, were scheduled to go to Australia to rock-climb, but due to severe climate changes were relocated to a site in the States. Because the two stars’ schedules clashed, they had their first practice together only on the second of this month. Recently, Girls’ Generation’s fan cafe ‘HwaSooEunHwa’ posted a photo of Yoona practicing, which garnered much attention.

Someone who witnessed Yoona’s rock-climbing commented, “While SNSD is probably very busy, Yoona looked like she had rock-climbed before. I think she had enough skills to rock-climb outside without much problem.”

It has been stated that there will be safety staff present at the shoot along with a professional rock climber to assist them while rock-climbing in the states.

Source: Sports.donga.com
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