Girls’ Generation will be returning back to Taiwan in September, and all 20,000 seats from both their concerts have already been sold out a long time ago. Fans who were unable to get the tickets all rushed to be on the waiting list, and the list has already exeeded 6,000 people. Netizens have said those who are above the 1,000th spot on the waiting list may have to give up hopes of attending the concert, which has led to majority of them to complain that, “There are some things which money cannot buy”, and “This infuriates me to death!”

On the 10th and 11th of September, Girls’ Generation will be kicking off their second tour at the Taipei Arena, and all 20,000 tickets from both concerts were sold out within two and a half hours. Many people flocked to convenience stores selling tickets to buy them early in the morning, just in hopes of being able to squeeze into the Arena to get a glimpse of their idols. Fans who were lucky enough to get tickets were elated, and a male fan commented, “So what if I dont have a girlfriend? I have Girls’ Generation’s tour’s Area C ticket and that is enough for me.”

But each person may have had different results. Some convenience store ticket selling systems would not work. Some fans skipped class or work and braving the rain lined up at convenience stores for the sake of being able to buy tickets, but in the end many still were not able to purchase them. Last year when Girls’ Generation came to Taiwan, one fan was not able to buy tickets, and made a film called “Hitler Cannot Buy Girls’ Generation Concert Tickets”, using Adolf Hitler to convey her gloomy mood, giving rise to many fans agreeing with her, with the video receiving over 200,000 views.

This time even though the fans’ moods should be different so that Hitler would not be used, a second fan used Hitler being angry in another video, posting it on August 14th as “Hitler Cannot Buy SoShi Tickets a Second Time”. Many netizens could not help but express, “This is my thought completely.” In the video, regarding the ticket seller at the convenience store jamming, Hitler exclaims, “I ordered one SoShi ticket, but I still can’t see the next screen.” He was even the first person in line, but since he still could not buy a ticket, it was not a good situation.

Hitler exclaims even more angrily that he even as early as 800 years ago became a member of the concert organizer, and furthermore calls into question why scalpers are able to buy tickets, but he cannot purchase them. “Now even reserve candidates have numbered more than 6,000, isn’t this too much?” When he finally reaches the next screen, he sees “sold out” without one exception, it really “infuriates him to death”.

Sources: The Liberty Times, [email protected], [email protected]
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