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Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung recently made a surprise appearance at the press conference of movie “Pain” held on July 21st. The movie starring Kwon Sangwoo and Jung Ryeowon is scheduled to be released on the day of Korean Thanksgiving in August.

With her hair tied back in a low bun, Sooyoung’s formal look gave off a mature image as she smiled readily for the media. The two ladies hugged each other comfortably as they met each other on the stage. Despite her busy schedules, Sooyoung took the time to show her support for Jung Ryeowon at the Seoul Lotte Cinema.

Sooyoung also talked about her relationship with Jung Ryeowon and how they grew to become close after knowing each other for about two years. When asked about Jung Ryeowon’s personality, Sooyoung responded that she was someone who was laid back, hardworking, and would hold little house parties when not working.

The movie “Pain” revolves around a man who cannot feel any sort of pain due to a car accident, and a woman who is sensitive to even the littlest of pain. This contrasting picture coupled with an intense plot is attracting the attention of many.

Source: fnnews
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