On the 18th, Girls’ Generation successfully completed their first Japanese tour. The tour began May 31st in Osaka, and ended on July 18th in Fukuoka, with concerts in Saitama, Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagoya in between. Performing 14 times over six cities, Girls’ Generation was able to mobilize as many as 140,000 spectators, once again proving their popularity not just in South Korea, but across Asia as well.

During the concert, Girls’ Generation performed a variety of their songs, such as: “GENIE”, “Gee”, “Run Devil Run”; as well as tracks from their first Japanese album: “Let It Rain”, “The Great Escape”, and “MR. TAXI”. They also received focus for performing other Korean hit songs that have never been officially released in Japan such as “Into The New World” and “Oh!”. By performing over 30 songs, each of the members were able to let their individual personality shine, leaving the Japanese fans captivated.

Despite this being only nine months since their debut in Japan and their first arena tour, Girls’ Generation had almost 450,000 people seeking tickets, showing that they have continued to explode in popularity with their colorful charm, exceptional skills and brilliant stage direction that has even drawn praise from officials.

Having finished their tour in Japan, Girls’ Generation will now head back to Korea for their 2nd Tour on the 23rd and 24th of July at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium.

Source: Nate
Translated by: oniontaker@soshified.com
Contributors: gayqueenful@soshified.com
Written by: jaygatsby@soshified.com

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