1. Trailer for Mnet “BOOM the K-Pop” Featuring Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation finally reunites with Mark PD! He used to be the PD (Producing Director) for one of the girls’ earlier shows, “MTV SNSD”. Fans have been eagerly anticipating this reunion and are looking forward to the episode which will air on July 14. Stay tuned for updates! In the mean time, check out the trailer below!

2. Girls’ Generation on Mexican TV

Girls’ Generation was mentioned as one of the top groups that Mexicans love. The Global Generation fever is spreading, and a few cuts from several music videos were broadcast. Check them out below! (Tip from shinings(o)

3. Commercial for Girls’ Generation’s First Japanese Album

For the SONEs who missed it, there was a short commercial video which advertised Girls’ Generation’s first Japanese album. The short 15-second video reveals cuts from the “MR. TAXI” and “Run Devil Run” PV, two of the girls’ Japanese singles which were featured in the album. (Tip from sineka_nanthakumar)

4. Soshified on Korean News

Soshified has appeared several times on Korean news and the international community’s recognition is only continuing to rise. On May 6, Soshified was also briefly featured on “tvN E News”, which caught many fans by surprise. Although Soshified was wrongly dubbed as an “American fansite” for Girls’ Generation, many fans caught on and pointed out the mistake to show how global Soshified has truly become. (Tip from


1. Yoona’s New Innisfree CFs

New Innisfree CFs with Yoona have recently been released. Each thirty second video shows Yoona promoting Innisfree’s volcanic pore mask and toner. Enjoy the subbed videos!


1. Girls’ Generation Still Going Strong on Charts

Girls’ Generation’s singles “MR. TAXI”, “Gee”, and “Genie” are still holding their spots on the Japan CD Weekly Top 100 Singles Chart (6/27-7/3) by placing #9, #24, and #36 respectively. These are impressive standings considering the singles were released some time ago (2010 for the latter two). The singles “MR. TAXI” and “Gee” have also placed #26 and #98 respectively on this week’s Billboard Japan Hot 100. Their first Japanese album is at #6 on Billboard Japan’s Top Albums.

Furthermore, it has been less than six weeks after the release of Girls’ Generation’s first Japanese album, and the girls are still going strong by ranking #6 on the weekly Oricon chart with 28,026 copies sold this past week.

It looks like their rankings are not going down anytime soon judging by their present ranks.

2. Girls Generation Gets Mentioned in Guardian

The music blog on the website of the British newspaper The Guardian mentioned Girls’ Generation in one of their K-Pop-related posts. The article discusses Girls’ Generation’s (as well as other artists like Boa) sky-rocketing success and how the K-Pop phenomenon has proven to be a success. You can read the article here. (Tip from

3. Girls’ Generation on Plaza Low Yat in Malaysia

Malaysian SONEs have some new eye candies when they visit the mall known for its IT equipment, Plaza Low Yat. Pictures of Girls’ Generation for Intel were hung outside the mall and Soshified member Soonkyaa! managed to take a picture of the advertisement to share with us.

New Sets of Pictures

W Korea – BTS & B cuts

Official photos from MTV Video Music Aid Japan

7-Eleven Wallpaper (Extremely HD)

Yoona – Daum Wallpaper

Daum Website Promotional Pictures

Girls’ Generation with Mark PD

Vita 500: Taeyeon, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Jessica, Sooyoung, Taeyeon 2, Sunny, Yuri, Yoona, Tiffany 2

SONE Picture/Video of the Week

From vocal to dance covers — SONEs have them all covered. The video below features a few Indonesian SONEs doing an acoustic guitar cover of “Genie”. They even went as far as rearranging the whole song with guitar chords and notes, as well as ensuring that the quality of the recording is high. Check it out!

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