Soshified’s official Twitter account reached the number 73 ranking for “most searched Twitter accounts” in Korea, according to The list ranks the popularity of various Twitter accounts in Korea, and includes popular Korean celebrities such as Super Junior’s Heechul as well as official accounts for companies such as KBS World TV.

This is not the first time that Soshified has garnered attention from around the world. In April, Soshified’s efforts to raise relief money to help the victims of the Japan earthquake were highlighted on MSN Singapore. Last month, the upcoming Soshified Field Trip was also mentioned in a Korean news article.

Finally, clips from Soshified’s 3rd Anniversary “SONEs Around the World” video (which can be viewed here) were shown on the June 25 episode of E!TV Star Q-10, which documented Girls’ Generation’s popularity around the globe.

Thanks to MoonSoshi9 for the news tip!

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