Greetings, members of Soshified. We are announcing a few changes to the way that both news articles and SoShi Subs releases are titled and formatted. While the list of changes is not very large, they will obviously be visible since they involve the way articles and releases are labelled. The list of changes is as follows:

1. All articles and SoShi Subs release dates will change from [MM.DD.YY] to [YYYY.MM.DD]. The reason for the change is so that we can be consistent with international date formatting, which follows [YYYY.MM.DD]. This affects all news articles starting today (Example: A news article written today in the old format would have been dated [06.27.11] but in the new format will be dated as [2011.06.27]). SoShi Subs releases will begin the date formatting change based on the original air date of the show. Shows that aired before May 2011 will not follow this new date format. The date formatting change will affect all shows that aired in May 2011 and onwards.

2. SoShi Subs projects will now be labelled as [SoShi Subs][YYYY.MM.DD] Project Title.avi

3. New title format for SoShi Subs short clip batches. We shall now use Batch of Short Clips instead of the previously used Short Batch of Clips.

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