A birthday advertisement from fans for girl group Girls’ Generation’s youngest member, Seohyun, has been garnering attention. On June 28th, Girls’ Generation’s representative fan cafe “Cistus” posted an advertisement for Seohyun’s 20th (21st) birthday in Sports Seoul. The “oppa” and “samchon” fans from the fan cafe came together to express their heartfelt emotions to Seohyun on her special day.

Translation of the advertisement:
We wonder how you’re doing.
It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other.
If you’re healthy
If you’re always smiling
As these wonderous and sad times go by
Your birthday has come once again.

When we’re serious
Looking to learn something
Or being modest, we miss you.

Knowing we will get to see you soon
It’s true that we are even more anxious.

Our hearts flutter thinking of our days to come.
Be prepared for the day we pour out the cheers and love
we could not give to you, even if we wanted to.
We have become thankful for being able to give that much.

June 28th is..

The 21st birthday of Girls’ Generation’s maknae ‘Seohyun’
Who always makes smiles appear on fans’ faces.
We put our hearts, that are loving, missing,
and waiting for Girls’ Generation and ‘Seohyun’, forward..
And sincerely wish you a happy birthday.

“Cistus” fan cafe’s manager expressed his unconditional support for the girls by stating, “All Girls’ Generation members have become adults now, and even though they will be turning older in the coming years, they will always be girls to us fans.”

Seohyun’s fan club celebrated her birthday by dubbing the day “Hyun Tan Jeol”, which in essence means celebrating the day Seohyun entered the world.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation is continuing their Japan Arena Tour Concert, and will be performing on the 28th and 29th at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan.

Source: xsportsnews via Nate
Translated by: [email protected]
Edited by: [email protected]

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