Girls’ Generation, MCs Yoo Jaesuk and Kang Hodong, as well as actress Son Yejin were amongst the 32 celebrities who sent support messages to small-to-medium-sized businesses.

In Korea, this week is the 23rd national “Small-to-Medium-Sized Enterprise Week”. Various celebrities have sent in messages such as “Please stay strong”, “You are the hope of South Korea”, and “You hold Korea’s future in your hands. Fighting!” to support those businesses.

Director of the Small-to-Medium-Sized Enterprise Association Kim Dongsun said, “The youth unemployment continues to worsen and these businesses are struggling due to the lack of labor. We are very thankful for the spontaneous messages sent in by the celebrities who have received much love from the public.”

As part of a support campaign until May 29, the Small-to-Medium-Sized Enterprise Association will be promoting the celebrities’ messages and online video competition winners via their Facebook page.

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