We accepted them, and now we’ve said our goodbyes.

The sweet potato couple might not necessarily be loved by everyone, but even non-believers couldn’t ignore Seohyun’s development as the show progressed. It was difficult to choose, but compiled are 3 different aspects Seohyun learned and thrived from her time as part of the make-believe (ouch) couple.

1. Expressions

The awkward Seohyun was initially so painful to watch sometimes because her reactions were rather lukewarm if compared to Yonghwa’s eccentricity. She would respond to gestures with “Ahhhh”, “Oooooh” and if words failed her, the ‘nod’. Probably due to her lack of experience with the male species, it was obvious she didn’t know how to act around her husband, and appeared uncomfortable.

This made their later interactions even more impressive. As time passed, maknae evolved and showed a myriad of expressions, making us laugh till we formed smile lines. Her wide eye smile (pictured above) was rare without the presence of her members. She evidently became a lot more relaxed and could act and express herself much more freely. Even Tiffany attested to that fact by saying: “This (Hoot) album has tracks where her changed vocals really shine, she really improved. I guess there is emotion behind her voice? Her vocals and feel improved.”

2. The Element of Surprise

One of the parts I liked best about the couple’s episodes was Seohyun’s unexpected flair with surprises. They were never really shown in her interactions with her unnies, since the more well-known pranksters are Yuri and Hyoyeon. She was always able to heighten situations (in a good way), turning any average moment into a monumental one.

Seohyun’s actions were ways for her to convey how she felt. She rewrote parts of a song and knitted a whole scarf to express her feelings, and her sincerity was illustrated distinctly through them.

Seohyun also caught everyone off guard when she picked up guitar skills faster than anyone expected her to and even beating the veteran CN Blue boys in a game of pool. Bursting with talents, one would expect the feminine maknae to ace in the cooking aspect as well. Her repeated failures (E.g. Extremely salty Kimchi) however proved to be a surprise, but did in a way illustrate her unique charms.

The skinship, of course, will probably remain a topic of interest for a long time. While it wasn’t excessive, even the slightest of touches were significant to many. Seohyun notably initiated the arm link in Japan, and seeing her being piggybacked were all scenes that were, prior to the show, never before imagined.

3. One Step Closer to Flexibility

There were numerous occasions when Seohyun struggled to understand Yonghwa and his actions. What seemed like common sense to her (Wishing her happy birthday, the uselessness of the silent treatment period) was not to him, and being placed in such a position for the first time was refreshing to watch.

Witnessing Seohyun step out of her comfort zone was heartwarming. She learned to forgive and forget, open her mind to new ideas and even became a lot more easygoing. It was nice to see how especially nearing the end of the journey, she would laugh Yonghwa’s nonsensicalities off and either smack him playfully or in some instances even add on in good humor, like in the Japan store scene.

MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ essentially allowed me to see Seohyun in ways I’ve never seen her before. She literally allowed herself to immerse in all the different circumstances thrown her way, making her an admirable figure. If anything, she received that much more love for acting so sincerely.

What are your thoughts? Were there other aspects that you felt should have been mentioned, and has it changed your perspective of Seohyun as a whole?

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