Welcome to our first edition of Ask Oppa / Ask Unnie! You might be familiar with the idea of readers sending questions in to writers of a publication for those writers to answer. We here at Soshified are going to put our own spin on that concept with this new column. Any questions that Soshified members (that means you!) send in to us will be answered by both a male and a female writer. This way you’ll get unique gender-specific opinions to all those questions about Girls’ Generation that have been bugging you.

Who exactly are the people that will be answering your questions? Your writer oppa/hyung for this monthly column will be michaelroni and your writer unnie/noona will be Procrastinatoress, though every once in a while we may include a guest writer to spice things up. michaelroni-oppa is a Sunshiner from Texas in the USA who works full-time as a photographer. Procrastinatoress-unnie is a lazy vegetable from Australia, and the only thing she has going for her is the fact that she’s a Girls’ Generation fan (Editor’s note: That line came straight from her, but we like to think she’s more awesome than just that).

Since this column requires your participation, we as Soshified writers have a few procedures that we’d like you to follow in order to make this column the best that it can be.

1) Email ALL questions that you want to have answered to tip@soshified.com and please write “Ask Column” as the subject. Any questions left in the comments, emailed to other addresses, or incorrectly labelled will NOT be answered.

2) When you email questions to us, please also include your Soshified username and your location.
– Example:
Username: michaelroni
Location: Texas, USA

3) Try to ask opinion questions, since questions about Girls’ Generation facts can be answered here instead.
– Please avoid questions that can be answered in just one word such as “Who is your favorite member?”
– Do not ask questions relating to Soshified technical matters or SoShi Subs release dates.

Since this is the first Ask Oppa / Ask Unnie column, we requested the help of a few Soshified members to provide a few starting questions for us to answer. We hope that you get inspired by seeing the questions that you’ve asked, and that you enjoy seeing our answers. Soshified’s Writing team looks forward to seeing your questions!

Which outfit/promotion style do you think suits Girls’ Generation the most?
– Soy, in Florida, USA

michaelroni-oppa says:
I love this question, since there are so many different promotion styles to choose from. I have a hard time choosing just one, so I will say that Genie suited them the best but Oh was my favorite. I think that Genie was truly the perfect for Girls’ Generation, and I don’t think there will ever be another visual concept that fits every girl so well. It was incredibly sexy, but it was also very classy. Now even though I think Genie’s concept was perfect, Oh’s concept was my favorite simply because it was so colorful. I just loved the SPAO number shirts with all the rainbow colors.

Procrastinatoress-unnie says:
Probably one of Girls’ Generation’s greatest strengths is their versatility, and the fact that they manage to rock every style they try. It’s actually really confusing for the average fan-girl; are the sexy? Are they cute? IDEK. But impact-wise, I’ll have to agree with Michael and say that the “Genie” concept was really something else. Even from the viewpoint of a female, they just had that sophisticated, mature and fierce look – it was so edgy but not loud – gotta love it. Personally my favourite concept to see on them is the relaxed/sporty look though, their friendly vibe really shines when the girls are just in hoodies and trackies.

If the day comes and you have a baby daughter, would you consider choosing any of the Soshi members’ names for your daughter’s name?
– tofuluva, in California, USA

michaelroni-oppa says:
Since my life plan is to marry Sunny and start a family with her, I probably shouldn’t name my daughter Sunny. It’s not quite like how it is with men and being able to just name my son Michael Jr. With that in mind, I’d probably name my daughter Tiffany. That’s just a name that I’ve always liked, and I would hope my daughter could be even half as awesome as Fany.

Procrastinatoress-unnie says:
Hell yes! People tend to name their kids after people who they respect or who are important to them, right? Girls’ Generation aren’t just idols to their fans: they are friends, role models and heroes all rolled into a neat package. Girls’ Generation will mature and eventually go their own ways, and so will us fans. We won’t belong to each other forever. But their importance in our lives at this point is past being just fans. If, decades from now, us SONEs who have grown up can still remember those 9 special girls and think fondly of the times we spent together, don’t you think it’s like Girls’ Generation and SONE will truly be together forever? If I had a kid named Tiffany, I might remember Tiffany Hwang occasionally and go, “I wonder how that girl is doing? Is she singing? Is she smiling?” I think Girls’ Generation will always be a part of me. Or at least I’d like to hope so.

Which type of Girls’ Generation concept do you like better – the cute innocent image from their beginning, or the mature and sexy image that they have now?
– residentbenchwarmer, in Missouri, USA

michaelroni-oppa says:
As a guy, you might think that the obvious answer from me is that I like the mature and sexy image. And… You’re right. But even though the answer is somewhat obvious, my explanation has more to it. As a Sunshiner, I like seeing Sunny showing off a more sexy concept since we’re normally used to seeing her perform cutesy aegyo. Also, one of my favorite characteristics about the girls in general is how silly they sometimes act around one another, like very close friends and family often do. Seeing a mature and sexy image somehow always feels like a refreshing change of pace after seeing the girls act childish and goofy (in a good way) with each other.

Procrastinatoress-unnie says:
Sometimes you miss the goofy frills and dorking around of the early days; but their mature/sexy sides are so brain-blowing that you forget all about that when you’re watching them. They’re so damn amazing when they do the powerful and sexy concept, I’m a total sucker for it. As a female, the cute girls are your friends, but the sexy girls are these unwordly creatures of awe and beauty. Still, even while doing the sexy thing, the girls are still a cute bunch of kids at heart and still throw around the dork as much as possible. It’s a two-in-one package, lucky for us.

What is your favorite Soshi pairing that does not involve 2 Soshi members paired with each other?
– omona, in Singapore

michaelroni-oppa says:
Well that’s pretty obvious: MikeSun. You know, michaelroni and Sunny… In all seriousness, I would choose the Edgy Sisters. Those of you who have seen Invincible Youth might remember that the Edgy Sisters means Sunny and Hyunah from 4minute. I always remember the great chemistry they had together and look back on those times with a smile. One of my favorite Invincible Youth moments was when the Edgy Sisters defeated Tae Woo and Yuri in the rock stacking game, as you could see how much fun Sunny and Hyunah were having with one another.

Don’t mess with us, we’re edgy!!

Procrastinatoress-unnie says:
I find Super Generation (Girls’ Generation + Super Junior) pretty adorbs, just because they’re so close and a lot of the members really treat each other like family. Heechul and Jessica/Yoona/Sunny, Yoona and Leeteuk, Sooyoung and Siwon, Sungmin and Sunny/Sooyoung etc. etc. I’m also like Michael in my love for “Invincible Youth”… But it’s SuByung (Sunny + Hyomin) that I love the most out of that show. The girls are so friendly and have such cute moments with so many other idols that it’s hard to choose.

Hyomin always finds her place behind Sunny

We hope you’ve enjoyed this inaugural edition of Ask Oppa / Ask Unnie! Feel free to leave a comment below with your own takes on the questions we answered this month! We’d love to hear the questions you have for us, and remember that if you want to send in questions to please use the rules laid out at the top of the article. See you next month!

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