Just this month, Japanese magazine ‘SPUR’ got to sit down and interview the girls, discussing topics such as their preferred fashion styles, charms, images, (link at end of article), and even gave a brief video interview in which they discussed mostly the significance of the color pink.

In the video, the girls were seen wearing bright, lively outfits, and shortly after the interview began, started to discuss the color pink. Seohyun said, “When I think of pink I think of Tiffany-unnie…” The girls nodded in agreement and our resident manager Tiffany herself spoke, saying that the color pink carries a special significance to her members because not only do all of the girls adore the color, but also since it is the color of their fanclub, so they feel that is has an important meaning. Yuri then said that she recently changed her room’s wallpaper to pink, as she has begun to like pink more and more recently. Hyoyeon then said jokingly that she switched to a pink toothbrush, causing everyone to giggle. Whether or not she was kidding we do not know…

They discussed some other things they bought recently that were pink, and were once again brought back to Tiffany’s overwhelming love for pink. The video ended on a happy note, where all of the girls agreed that pink was special because of their fanclub, and then with a final ‘We love pink!’ shoutout for the viewers.

Check out the video and article below!

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Written by: [email protected]
Sources: SSF Japan Youtube Channel