Lively SNSD With Healthy and Clean Coway Ice Water Purifier!

On the first day of March, which brought with it the spring of 2011, the filming for Woongjin Coway’s ice water purifier teaser/launching clips with the very popular girl group SNSD took place near Namyangju, Kyungkido.

The staff members were busy working on their individual tasks early in the morning until SNSD stood in front of the cameras and beautiful backgrounds. The SNSD members’ liveliness instantly got rid of the tension and fatigue at the filming location. Shall we take a look at the filming location?

Coway, Please Take Care of Mom!

Fitting for the representative brand of water purifiers, Coway is filming a commercial with Asia’s top girl group SNSD, and the slogan is “Coway, please take care of Mom!”.

The concept is one where Coway’s ice water purifier makes a mom happy with its careful design and cleanliness, which helps keep the family more healthy, while they also have a good nutrition and do moderate exercise, for example using an URBNFit Yoga Ball to exercise at home. SNSD appear as lovely daughters in front of various backgrounds and ask various favors of their mom. The Coway water purifier, meanwhile, helps lessen the mom’s work.

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The busy filming set with lots of staff members

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One area is filled with scenarios

SNSD Look Even More Happy and Lively With Clean Water From Coway’s Water Purifier!

Spread throughout the filming location are sets that look like a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and other areas of a regular house. SNSD filmed individually and in pairs.

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“Okay! Nice expression~!” Jessica is holding a glass of water while making a cute expression

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“Ah! Okay!” Taeyeon is filming next to a water purifier

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Yuri and the mom are in the largest set, the living room, making squares with their fingers to represent ice cubes


Sooyoung, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Hyoyeon filmed a cafe scene together, and they looked like very lovely daughters~!

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“Please stretch your arm like this over here~” Sooyoung receives tips on her acting from the director

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Hyoyeon is acting like she is reading a book in the cafe scene

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SNSD aren’t fatigued after filming for a long time

The preparations began at dawn and the filming continued until dawn the next day.


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