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As we already know, our fanfic writing section is huge. This, although a great thing, does have its downside. So many great writers, so many great fanfictions, so little time. We have a variety of timezones present in this forum, and sometimes its almost impossible for certain writers to get read by certain readers, and vica versa. That’s why your writing team came up with this idea. Why not do a fanfic and writer feature?

Odd months of the year mean that the Soshified Staff will be selecting the writers and stories to be featured, and even months of the year mean that you – the people of Soshified – will have a chance to nominate writers. We will elaborate more on this option when the time comes.

So, without further ado, for our first edition, we have chosen:


JJ is a writer from Europe, and is arguably one of the ‘veteran’ writers on the scene. She has been writing since late 2009 and has garnered over that period of time a legion of readers. Any pairing with Yuri is her focus, with a bias towards YulSic and YulTi.

I must encourage readers that read for pairing alone to simply – not do this. There are great writers for virtually every pairing, and limiting yourself means cutting off great writing – like JJ’s.

I had a chance to interview JJ herself, which is at the end of this feature. Before that, I will be offering my own reviews on her writing as well as some other miscellaneous things.

Let’s begin!


There are many different styles of writing out there. Some are intentionally ‘unemotional’ and ‘grey’ and others are vivid and bursting with color. Each style has its own purpose and its own audience, but to be honest, people usually prefer literature that they can understand.

JJ’s writing offers a special combo – it can be a little detached, a little vivid, but full of emotion. Readers usually comment on her talents this way – with a simple ‘Wow.’ Her writing is definitely very, very descriptive and carries a lot of impact. She sucker punches a lot with the crazy storylines and huge, unexpected twists, so readers usually never get bored.

I personally read her writing because it hooks – from beginning to end. It is an addictive substance, her writing, and I hope many of you enjoy it was well. I personally recommend, for a full-length read, ‘Assassin,’ and for a one-shot read, Te Amo. (see below)

She has a new work out, called ‘Slipping Away.’ It is a mini-series, 10 chapters, and offers a new take on the ups and downs of a relationship. The writing is simple and classy in my opinion, and the fresh plots offer quite a bit to readers who love cliffhangers and drama. I personally think drama is one of this writer’s specialties, so please enjoy.

Highly recommended works:

On-going – Assassin
Genre – drama, action, romance, awesome :)

One-shots – Te Amo (Collection)
Genre – pretty much everything you could possibly ever want

New release – Slipping Away (in progress)
Genre – drama, romance


Author Profile:

Screenname: JJ~
Favorite Soshi Member: Yuri
Age: 20
Location: Switzerland
How she got to know SNSD: Youtube random video searching
Link to profile: *click*

Note: We avoided most of the more cliché questions, and tried to keep this interesting, short, and simple. Also, this is a very interesting perspective into the fanfic section of Soshified. If you are in for some brain food, please read on.

Q: You’ve been writing for a long time. One of the more experienced writers on the SSF scene. SSF, of course, has changed a bit over this time, in terms of not only size but readers and demographics. How have you, as a writer, seen this change?

A: SSF has expanded a lot over the years. I admit that I never really went to roam around the site, since the fanfic area is my specialty, though I admit that I take a sneak peek from time to time at the coupling sections. When I first started there weren’t many writers on SSF, but nowadays there are so much that we receive a new fic everyday. It’s pretty hectic sometimes.

Also when I first started there was this small community on the fanfic section where everyone knew everyone. Nowadays this community no longer exists because it is no longer a small community, but a large one. There’s a lot of competition between writers now to produce the most appealing fics and though this is a good thing, just like the music industry, things can get repetitive.

Q: What do you think this competition, this ‘capitalistic’ mentality in the fanfic section, if I may, has done to fanfictions and readers overall?

A: When I first started, people used to write one-of-a-kind fanfics. Nowadays its all the repeated storylines with different pairings. There isn’t something new, something exciting. It’s the same old, same old.

Q: How has this then effected your writing?

A: Nowadays writers have to battle between what is popular and what they want to write. Mass appeal fanfictions usually consist of smut and kdrama-esque storylines. Those usually get the most comments and readers, and that’s what pretty much all writers want. However, there are definitely some writers out there who would rather be underrecognized and ‘unpopular’ than write smut, so it’s a shame that many great writers don’t get the attention they deserve. But this is a natural result of such a huge forum expansion, so what’s done is done. This is one of the unfortunate downsides, though there is definitely plenty of good as well.

Q: Most popular writers have quite a loyal following of readers, but I don’t think any writers have been hit on as much as you. What is it about you that draws loyal, adoring readers to you like moth to flame? Do you think it’s your personality, your writing, or perhaps both or something else entirely?

A: I admit that I flirt with people online. It’s fun…and sassy.

Q: Are you like this in real life? And do you think this online persona you have effects your writing?

A: No I just play around online. In real life I’m completely different…maybe. Who knows? *laughs* Well people have been wondering why I don’t write anything pervy anymore. It’s just no longer my genre.

Q: Anywho, have you ever felt pressured to write anything for the purpose mass appeal v. what you really wanted to write?

A: Yes, and that was my biggest mistake and downfall. Soulmates.**

**She is referring to her fanfiction entitled ‘Soulmates.’

Q: Well, you certainly did have some ups and downs with that fic. You even got “antis” who criticized you over it. How did you react and has the experience changed you?

A: It frustrated me at the beginning but I learned my lesson: you can’t please everyone.

Q: Have you ever been criticized harshly for your writing, not as in a mindless bashing sense, but from a professional standpoint?

A: Yes, from a friend. But he helped me so much, and I think he is the only one who actually had the &^%#! to do so.

Q: Wow, haha. Thanks a lot, JJ. On behalf of Soshified, I thank you and good luck on your work and writing.

A: No problem. Bye, Soshified!

Until next time, this was your loyal writing team!

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Contributors: Soshified Writing Team
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