Soshified, I want to present to you guys the new additions to our staff family! This new group consists of writers that will focus on producing news stories about Girls’ Generation that might not be covered by mainstream Korean media but are still important news stories that fans don’t want to miss. They will also be producing reviews, feature stories, interviews, and much much more in the future. In addition to that each of the writers will also have a weekly/monthly column that will showcase various things that they want to personally focus on with regards to Girls’ Generation as well as Soshified. I hope you watch over them carefully and excuse us for any mishaps or problems we have because this team is rather new and we’re working out things step by step with everyone. If you want to send tips or maybe have an idea for a story that you want covered feel free to email us at [email protected]! We look forward to hearing from everyone and please look forward to changes in our community in the future!

Now let me introduce to you the new Writers!

Username: MaiMai!

Name: Mai
Birthday: April 11, 1994
Location: California, USA
Ethnicity: Asian
Favorite Girls’ Generation Member: Jessica
Favorite Girls’ Generation Song: Genie
Favorite Writer/s: Ray Bradbury, e.e. cummings, Pablo Neruda, William Faulkner
Favorite Reading Material: Poetry
Writing Specialty: Fanfics. I joke. Editorials
Fun Fact: Smells like chlorine/swims/plays water polo
Twitter: @MaiLikeChlorine

Username: mellybee

Name: Mel
Birthday: November 29, 1991
Location: Singapore
Ethnicity: Javanese
Favorite Girls’ Generation Member: ALL MUAHAHA
Favorite Girls’ Generation Song: Forever
Favorite Writer/s: Torey Hayden, Harper Lee, Mitch Albom, Sarah Maria
Favorite Reading Material: Novels relating to real accounts of war, special education/children related and when I’m feeling lazy… Fashion magazines haha
Writing Specialty: Reviews & Editorials
Fun Fact: I did not like Girls’ Generation the first time I saw them, which was their debut ITNW performance… Don’t kill me
Twitter: @iwritesnsd

Username: michaelroni

Name: Michael
Birthday: March 24, 1985
Location: Houston, TX, USA
Ethnicity: Chinese
Favorite Girls’ Generation Member: Sunny
Favorite Girls’ Generation Song: Gee
Favorite Writer/s: Michael Crichton, Robert Ludlum
Favorite Reading Material: Spy Novels
Writing Specialty: Opinion Pieces, editorials, reviews
Fun Fact: I work full time as a photographer and I once lived in Beijing for 6 weeks.
Twitter: @RFMmichael

Username: Procrastinatoress

Name: “Pie”
Birthday: October 19
Location: Australia
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Favorite Girls’ Generation Member: Whichever one is in my line of sight.
Favorite Girls’ Generation Song: Himnae!
Favorite Writer/s: That one that writes good.
Favorite Reading Material: Anything interesting.
Writing Specialty: Whatever people leave me.
Fun Fact: I’m fun, and that’s a fact.
Twitter: @OmonaProctie

Username: residentbenchwarmer

Name: David
Birthday: April 6, 1987
Location: Chesterfield, MO, USA
Ethnicity: Chinese-American
Favorite Girls’ Generation Member: All nine, but lean towards Yuri, Taeyeon, and Jessica
Favorite Girls’ Generation Song: Gee
Favorite Writer/s: Arthur Conan Doyle, Mark Twain, Brian Jacques
Favorite Reading Material: The New York Times, Time, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Colors of the Mountain, A Farewell to Arms, Fast Food Nation, October Sky, Redwall, To Kill a Mockingbird, A Walk in the Woods, and The Boxcar Children and The Search for Delicious for nostalgic purposes
Writing Specialty: News, Opinions, Reviews, Features
Fun Fact: I was responsible for the chair Katie Couric sat in while on camera during the 2008 Vice Presidential Debate at Washington University in St. Louis
Twitter: @resbenchwarmer

Username: spiceshoe

Name: Becca
Birthday: April 17, 1996
Location: Indonesia
Ethnicity: Indonesian/Chinese
Favorite Girls’ Generation Member: Tiffany
Favorite Girls’ Generation Song: Into the New World
Favorite Writer/s: J.K. Rowling, Mitch Albom, Sarah Dessen
Favorite Reading Material: Literature, Poetry, Teen stories
Writing Specialty: Descriptive, Narrative (All genres except romance cause I fail at that D=) and other stuff. I like doing new stuff =)
Fun Fact: I spent my childhood in Singapore and play the violin.
Twitter: @spiceshoe

If you have anything you want to ask them, please leave a comment! Welcome to the team~