Girls’ Generation’s labelmates, TVXQ!(東方神起) released their new Music Video for 왜 (Keep Your Head Down). The interesting factor is that if all Girls’ Generation fans listen to the track carefully they will hear something familiar.

You’re wonder why we took notice of this right? It seems like we were teased with this track a while back when Girls’ Generation released their teaser for the track Run Devil Run.

Can you spot the parts where it sounds alike?

There seems to be a trend of teasing fans with tracks prior to release. Another instance was when Hyoyeon from Girls’ Generation danced to a track at the 2007 MKMF show.

It sounds a lot like SHINee’s SHINee World (Doowop)

SM takes teasing to a new level. I wonder if we can continue spot possible SM tracks in the future by following some of their artists more closely…