A New Year means a new start for a lot of people. It’s an annual tradition where everyone reflects upon their bad habits and resolves to make amends for the New Year. Don’t have a good resolution, or never end up following through with any of them? Well, we have the perfect role models to help you come up with some killer resolutions this year…

1) Seohyun – Start living healthily

This is super important. In all aspects of your life you should follow our dearest maknae because she has a very good head on her shoulder. Emotionally and physically, you should try to live a balanced lifestyle. It’s essential that you pursue a healthier way of living so that you can lengthen your lifespan, have a robust physical system and be able to help create more beautiful changes in the world. Avoid fast food and everything fried this new year (or at least eat it in moderation). Don’t forget to also study hard and focus on your goals in life because no one else is here to do that for you.

2) Yoona – Embrace your flaws

As the saying goes, learn to love yourself before you can love others. No one likes to acknowledge their own flaws because they show us at our weakest, but being able to face them is the greatest strength of them all. Yoona has always been aware of her weaknesses and was never afraid to acknowledge them. In the face of harsh criticism about her singing, she never once backed down and only focused on improving her vocals. Overcoming all odds, she released “Innisfree Day” as a testament to her growing confidence as a singer. Find the courage Yoona found within herself to embrace your flaws and conquer your fears.

3) Sooyoung – Keep your feet on the ground

As you sail through the ups and downs of the New Year, it’s important to remember your goals and the hard work you’ve put in to get where you are. Success doesn’t come before failure, and the “choshim” (“original intention”, or rookie mentality) that Sooyoung constantly espouses helps to keep your feet firmly planted onto the ground. Never forgetting her difficult trainee and Route0 days, she’s always careful not to take Girls’ Generation’s popularity for granted. The best achievements don’t come easily and accordingly, we should be appreciative and modest about every success we find in 2011.

4) Yuri – Pursue a more active lifestyle

A lot of people put down “lose weight” as a new year’s resolution but it’s not all about the weight loss; it’s about the activities we undertake in the process. The one thing we can all learn from Yuri is that no matter what age or what size you are, picking up a physical activity is beneficial for a happier and more fulfilling life. Learn from Yuri and pick up a physical activity that you will enjoy doing, whether it be making weird lion-like poses while doing yoga or perhaps trying something new as boxing. As long as you’re happy doing it, the end result you seek will come.

5) Hyoyeon – Express yourself

This year we challenge you to be bold like Hyoyeon and not to bottle up your feelings or emotions. Break out into weird dances whenever you like, don’t be afraid to use a little tough love or create your own crazy lyrics to life! People don’t pay attention to what you say until they know that you care. Whether it’s a secret crush you want to expose on national TV or your roommate’s bad sleeping habits, remember that nothing gets done if you don’t talk about it. Be more vocal about your opinions and you’ll be surprised by how ideas can bounce off each other and bring up points you’ll never think of.

6) Tiffany – Open your eyes, open your mind, open your heart

The most wonderful thing is being able to see life through the eyes of a child. It becomes more difficult as we age, but it doesn’t mean that you have to be a child to still view life in such a manner. We should all view life much like Tiffany does with an open mind and heart. Be open to situations that might knock you down and instead of sulking about them try to make the best out of a bad situation. When Tiffany ended up getting injured and wasn’t able to perform, she didn’t just sit there and cry about how unfair life was; instead, she was proactive and decided to spend that time on ways to improve herself like by studying Japanese. Open your mind and make the best of what you have in 2011!

7) Sunny – Be mindful and accepting of others

Not everyone can appreciate who you are, but you can let them know who’s the bigger person by showing acceptance. It takes a lot of heart, generosity and thoughtfulness to be accepting of your harshest critics, but Sunny showed us that it was possible. Confronted by antis at a fan-meeting, her care and concern for their well-being surprised them to tears. Accounts after accounts of similar encounters have shown us nothing but the admirable extent of Sunny’s good heart and acceptance of others. You don’t have to love everyone, but trying to see things from other perspectives helps in being mindful of other points of view and the understanding of those around you.

8) Jessica – Visit lala land

Did you know that sleep deprivation impairs our memory and our ability to make good decisions? In order to maximise our productivity for the next day we need a good night’s sleep, and no one knows this better than our very own Jessica Jung. Getting enough sleep allows us to commence the day with a fresh, energised body and mind allowing us to make the most of our day, whether it be at work or at play.

9) Taeyeon – Never stop challenging yourself

Being small has never stopped our kid leader from constantly trying to reach greater heights. From hosting her own radio show to being a co-host on Win Win, to releasing OST songs that push her vocal boundaries Taeyeon has never stopped trying to outdo herself. Pick up a new hobby or an instrument you’ve always wanted to play – Taeyeon learned the guitar from scratch for her musical, and through sheer determination managed to deliver a critically-acclaimed performance.

Leap on new opportunities whenever you see them and tell yourself “YOU CAN DO IT”, even if it means taking on things bigger than yourself.

Although we only selected one trait per girl, truth be told, there are so many more to pick from. In fact, much like close siblings, many traits they possess are shared between them. While we hope you take some of these resolutions to heart, at the very least recognize that the most important is not exhibited by any one of the girls individually but by the collective group… as the soshi-bond. Simply put, treasure those closest to you. Your friends, your family, they all form your foundation from which you can draw strength from in difficult times. As the girls have shown us time and time again, we stand as one, we stand as S♡NE, we stand as Girls’ Generation.

Written & Edited by: doe, GPTX, Soy, Leddy, & soshiluv9 @ soshified.com
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Hope you like our first editorial and expect more to come ^^ Tell us if this ended up helping you find your resolution for the new year!