SNSD recently made a shocking confession by revealing her IQ test results.

On the 15th, during an episode of KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Relay’, ‘SNSD’s SNSD Award Show’ was conducted, where the members chose the winners amongst themselves.

The first award was for the honor student in the group, where they chose Sooyoung. Tiffany complimented, “Sooyoung is a fast learner when it comes to songs, choreography, and acting.” The reporter, Kim Saeng Min, commented, “It seems like you absorb everything like a sponge. I’m assuming you had a high IQ when you were in grade school.”

Sooyoung replied, “I was really curious, so a while ago, I used a smart phone application to test my IQ and I got a 62.” To this surprise confession, SNSD members commented, “Why would you say that?” Sooyoung explained, “It turned out there was a problem with the phone,” causing laughter.

The award for the member with the best appetite went to Yoona, while the award for the member who surprises others with her unexpected behavior was given to Seohyun.

Translated by: ch0sshi
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